Happy Release Day AQUA

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Aqua FINAL Front


Happy Release Day AQUA! 
Another brilliant book by M.A GEORGE.

I love this book, so so much.
Get it on your kindle now, you won’t be disappointed.


TGIF: Quest Update

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Friday! We made it through another week.
Admittedly, it hasn’t been too bad around here. We had the people come in to quote putting in a furnace, and possibly a new AC unit.

We also had some nice weather, some colder weather and a whole lot of rain. But, at least it`s not snow.

I have also been working on the Quest, I realize I haven`t blogged much about it lately, but I took a few days away from it to read for pleasure. Tonight I worked through chapters 6 to 8.


The things that really hit me, were simple and yet so easily forgotten.
An example. I make my own world.

How often do we get so caught up in life, keeping the peace and of course daily routine and dealing with people around us that we don`t necessarily get along with that we forget we make our own world.
We let these things into our world, maybe it`s time to take another look at our world and what it means to us. Re-evaluate what`s important and start weeding the gardens that surround your world.

Maybe, you are in a similar situation and you have someone in your life, that you are not getting along with but life has you firmly stuck with this person.
Maybe, you can`t see the good in that person because things are so bad between the two of you.

It`s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and change how you deal with the situation.
That`s what I am trying to do. I don`t always succeed because I don`t breathe before I react but I try.

I say, please and thank you more, (if nothing else, you may throw the other person off and they go quiet for a few hours.) I try to be invisible a bit more, focusing on my things and interacting less if I can help it.

I am also getting outside more during the day, if nothing else the sunshine and fresh air, has me in a better mood and it is harder for her mood to pull me in.

I am also doing a bit more self care, or in this case soul care.
For me this means my spiritual side, reading and really working through Quest and thinking about what comes from that.

Little things help.

I am STILL blown away by this series. But also by just how much I have changed. I am actually able to look at certain parts of this Quest workbook and not cringe.
The biggest part being when the bible comes out.
In this particular series they have you read through small snippets, but what`s interesting is that each story, you are to look at the different elements as an aspect of yourself. Everything in the reading relates to yourself.

Looking at the bible like that, has really changed my outlook, and really made me curious.
I actually like the readings when it is done like this. They are by no means simple, some of them involve a lot of thought and really looking at myself. But I honestly think this just might turn out to be a very good thing for me.

If nothing else, it has made me feel a lot more hopeful. That to me, means it`s already good for me.

What spiritual books are on your bookshelf, which left the biggest mark for you?

Favourite hymn, sermon  etc I`d love to check them out, leave a comment or tweet me on Twitter.