Wishful Wednesday

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This week I am very, very wishful..

I am once again, trying to get the kidlet to sleep through the night with out me in the room.
My last attempt just left me too exhausted after awhile and I ended up back in her room on the floor.

I coslept for a few months shy of three years, so I know to expect an adjustment but gaaah. I was not expecting to have her up every 2 hours (sometimes, we were lucky and it was 4hrs) and then asking for a nurse to drift back to sleep.

So, this week I am trying something different. I had her work on her room with me, my night amusement things are out of there. i.e flashlight, books, etc.
I had her put her butterfly wall stickers up, set up an art station for the early mornings, something for her to do. Went through her books and refreshed the bookshelf and had her choose some dolls for her bed,

art desk room

Her new favourite spot.


I also gave her the option at nap time of gate on the door, or shutting the door. Something of a trial run.
She chose the gate, I am not sure if that helps or hurts it because even nap didn’t go more than an hour today.  I wasn’t in the room. Sigh,

She has however, really adjusted to playing quietly in her room.

I gave her, milk as always before bed, reminded her that she would get a sticker tomorrow for her sticker chart if she stays quietly in her room all night and told her I was going to bed to sleep with my dolly. Lol. (We have identical cabbage patch kids in our rooms)

Here’s hoping. It’s pretty quiet, in there now.

I also had her pick out a sheet for her bed online and an alarm clock that teaches kids when they can get up by using an animal on the clock with eyes that open/close depending on the sleep/wake time set by the parent.
The monkey on a green background won out over an elephant and a monkey on a pink background.

I’m trying everything because I just can not take the floor and not having some really decent me time at night.
I’m also hoping that this will get her to willingly give up her last two nursing times.
I never thought she would go this long, but then I didn’t count on all the difficult things that we have gone through either.
The nursing really saved her from losing too much weight. Especially, while we fixed her mouth.
But I am ready to be done. But cold turkey is not an option with her. She is too ultra sensitive for that. Not to mention so am I.

I don’t believe in the  barbaric cry it out method.

On the bright side she blew me a kiss from her bed tonight with out any influence from me. *heart explosion*
She is not very affectionate with people, even me, so it’s hard. Especially when she kissed the butterflies around her bed goodnight and doesn’t want to kiss me. She has said a few times “that’s gross”.

I really, really hope my affectionate little girl comes back.


I am also wishing for some nice weather. It has been nonstop raining here for DAYS and DAYS.

I have had to get out the rain gear and just go with it because we get cabin fever really easily.

Winter is going to be brutal. I hate snow, and kidlet has not been a fan as of yet. So this winter will be another experiment for her.
It almost started this week, they were calling for snow yesterday, but it blew over. THANKFULLY.

I am so not ready for that mess yet.

How did you survive transitioning your kids to their own bed/rooms??



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cover_PROPHECY (2)

Rating: 5 stars

Oh, THE PROPHECY, where do I even begin?
I am going to try to write this with out lots of !!! and with out spoilers.
But first..


This is one of those books, that made me unable to follow the rules I set for myself when reading. ;)
Only reading until my usual bed time, is my rule, or I am totally dragging the next day, and when you have a preschooler that really, is not a happy place as a parent. Lol

But THE PROPHECY, sucked me in so  bad I couldn’t fall asleep after putting it down. I laid there staring at the ceiling until I finally picked it up again and just finished it. You know, after I had already told myself one more chapter for HOURS.

I love the main character.
She was strong (and strong willed) a fighter, smart, caring and brave.
I also liked that she didn’t pout endlessly, or go on pity parties.
Instead she dealt with the hand she was dealt and did what she could to change or make things better for herself even in situations she didn’t choose.
She didn’t just survive. She found ways to thrive.
Character traits that I love finding in leading ladies.

I think however Nash quickly became my favourite. I loved his carefree nature, and find it amazing given what we went through on any given day.

Even the characters, written to dislike, are easy to like even if it’s just liking how well written they are.
Elder made my skin crawl I was amazed, by just how much he got under my skin.
It’s not often I have a character get under my skin that much.  But man he just made me shudder.
I would not want to meet that sleaze ball in a dark alley.

THE PROPHECY, is a book that will surprise you, literally.
I found myself surprised by a few things I didn’t expect.
Changes in characters that I thought I had figured out. Especially King Jesper, and the Queen.
Though the Queen was someone I never had figured out, so her scene in the dungeon really shocked me.

What surprised me most of all however, was my reaction to a character introduced almost at the end of the book.
An almost protective suspicion.
It was a really big twist.
If I have ever wanted to gouge out eyes, I think it might of been then.

I am so glad THE PROPHECY was a re-release and book two follows it. I am not sure I would have been able to deal with a wait for book 2 in this case. I need to see where the story is going and how this new person is going to change things.

THE PROPHECY is a book, you do not want to miss. It is absolutely a five star read and one to add to my best of the year post.