Thankful Thursday: Favourite Read and Goal Update

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I am suddenly surprised to realize that it is Thursday. (Yeesh, despite the shock when I realized it is Thursday, I almost wrote Sunday?!)

It has been a not to bad week. Some slow moments, a birthday (with presents?!) and some trying moments as a person and a mommy. However, it has also been filled with SO MUCH creativity & inspiration.

My Favourite read:

My read this week was THIS book.

20150126 -Stolen Sharpie RevolutionIf you have ever been curious about making zines, thought you might like to try but wondered how you would ever fill a whole page because you don’t draw then you need to get yourself a copy of this wonderful pocket sized zine making bible.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution (SSR) is jam packed with information, resources, tips, and tons of thoughtful advice about making a zine (and starting a zine distro for those interested in that as well).

It’s a quick read. I got through my copy in two days, but SO inspiring.
I was almost overwhelmed by the inspiration that hit me afterward.

I am SO very thankful this book came into my life. It has changed my life, brought with it more than the author could of ever imagined.

I can’t even remember how it happened but I know I just managed to stumble upon it but I did.
One of my mini rabbit holes.

Zine making is definitely a completely new and different process.
But I absolutely LOVE it.

Goal Update:

It’s still January, yet I have managed to find another new thing this month.
So does this mean that I can count it towards February?

I never expected such a drastic change toward the try a new thing every month goal – especially right away.
I am so very grateful for that. I am loving the experiences.

My planner goal is morphing, though I am not completely clear on how yet.
If you saw my last goal update, then you know my planner is incredibly full.

2015-01-29 Planner Update

That is with out all the extra stuff in there, that don’t fit. I have to move them every time I go to move the book.
It’s about double that now. Adding to that the zines I am making – I have about five different drafts made.
January is bringing with it smaller art projects. :)
I would like a system that allows me to store them but also a way that I can see them.

Once I am able to make myself a Midori Travelers Notebook that problem should sort of solve itself. They won’t be as loose. As long as they are the notebook size.

I also crave more room and more flexibility most days. So I was looking for other ideas.

I picked up a Quad Ruled “wirelesss neatbook” from Walmart.
So a bound notebook rather than a spiral. To try something like a Hobinichi style.  I have 160 pages and it is two sided. One has 4 squares per inch the other has 5 per inch.

That way if I want to use a whole page for a day, I can. Or I can do more than one day per page.
Post it, has put out page tabs that are movable, and once added to the page you can write on them or just use them like a divider. You can also find them in different colours.

Added perk when the book is full you can move them to the newest book.
Can you believe I didn’t know these existed?!
My planner problem completely solved itself.
The only decisions I will be making now is if I like the 3 wholes punched in it, looking around for unique ways to possibly add pockets and trying to find some kind of zippered cover similar to the Hobnichi  zippered cover.

I am going to use my planner add ons from Snap, for monthly calenders and titles. The tabs will let me have one per month. I also found cute metal paper clips. Large sized in the clearance section which will allow me to mark my place.

I am going to use the current planner as a Gratitude planner, and possibly start a Question/Thought of the day for myself.
I may also add the monthly new things where appropriate so I can keep track of what was new when. In there it will be easier to find with fewer things needing to be written into the tiny box.

2015 is sure bringing with it change and just general awesomeness.
We are still within the first month but I am pleased with how things are progressing.

How are your goals progressing? 
Has 2015 been what you expected? Or has it been something else entirely?



Birthday 2015!

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Today’s a day I am going to focus on breathing and being grateful for.
I was up more than once before the sun with Kidlet who is convinced that pre-sun time is to get up.
It is also my birthday. So I am a year older.

I am now officially, knee deep in middle age. Which is a ball of conflicting emotions for me.
Part of me is okay with it now that I am a parent, the other part of me is really not because I am still single and I really thought by this time in my life things would be different.

But I am not harping on that. Or trying not to.

Instead I am grateful to be alive, and blessed to have a wonderful little girl. 20150126 Playdo castle

I mean seriously, look at that face, how can you not love her? So blessed to have her. Even if her favourite wake up is 630am.
It’s like she knows that I want to start getting up earlier to have some me time before starting the day.
Which if I am struggling to get her to lay down at 630am is not going to happen just  yet.

But since I am also not falling back into a deep sleep, it is kind of a warm up exercise.
I am hoping it is a phase for her. I am also going to try covering the window and see if that helps her start sleeping better again.
630am is just too hard for her. By noon, she has the I’ve been up for a million hours face, and she doesn’t always nap. So she is crashing and burning by bed time.

And for her, crashing and burning is not an option because she does weird things.

Like smashing her face off a table. Twice.
Of course the second time, she hit the part of her face I guess she wasn’t trying for and she ended up in tears.

I try to avoid moments like these for that reason.
At least dinner has been made and bought in advance for tonight.
Pizza. Gluten Free from one of our local pizza joints.  It was for last night but she was in bed with left overs in her belly post crash and burn.

We are still iced in here so nothing to excited is planned. Plus as a rule I avoid restaurants on my birthday because I got cornered into cake and a song once. As an introvert, that is BRUTAL for me. I hate being the center of attention.

Instead I am celebrating in my own way. With the one person that I love.
Enjoy the day, and eat some cake for me.

Happy Birthday, Me!