Snow shoes.. and Iggles.

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I don’t know about you but the fact that it is going to be Monday already, is rough.
Kidlet had a lot of fun at her family party today, which is great. I on the other hand had a rough day. It was long and I just don’t even want to think about parts of it.

Family.. nuff said right?
20141123_snow shoes


Kidlet did get her snow shoes.
Of course we also had rain and warm weather so now most of the snow is gone. Tomorrow they are calling for 13 degrees and a crazy scary wind storm so I don’t see a lot of outside in our future tomorrow.

I am hoping that Kidlet will sleep in and be well rested. 7am the last two mornings, and a few long days lead to a melt down and a very early bed time tonight.

Due to my rough night, my head is not where it should be. So I am blogging about more fun things and bringing out the art supplies to cheer myself up.

News and explanations.. 

You may of noticed, if you follow me on Twitter, a new regular used term.
#Iggle and or #Twiggle

I have regularly signed up for a Penpal – through International Geek Girls PenPal Club.
What I hadn’t done until recently, was actually signed up for their forum. Whenever I would think of it, I wasn’t on the computer.
Well I finally thought of it, and got to it.

Which is where the new tweets are coming.
An Iggle is one of the people on the forum. A twiggle is a user from the forum who is active on Twitter.

You write snail mail, and send random goodies, to people you get to know online. Everyone involved on the forum is a self identified geek. With their own geeky passions.

There is a craft club, A book club, a cinema club and a cooking club to name a few.
Everyone is divided into houses based on age.

This is the greatest website ever. The people I have met are AMAZING.
People who have gotten to know each other online (some also offline if they’re local), supported each other, and had fun doing it. They are people who remind me daily about the good in the world and people I am proud to be calling friends.

Honestly, if you like getting snail mail – and writing it. This is the site for you.
If you like swapping fun things. This is the site for you.
If you want someone to join in geeky passions with THIS is the site for you.

If you want to be part of something awesome – then you need to sign up.
It is for male, female or whatever gender or non gender you feel you are. Everyone is welcomed there with open arms.
Also, it is free.

Check out the hashtags #IGGPPC and Iggle if you want to get an idea.

You can also check out the site.
There is so much genius on this forum and so much fun that if you haven’t made time to join you should.
If you just want to get a penpal with out the forum you can do that here.
Act quickly, this round will be closing soon.

There is so much goodness here that my words do not do it justice. Honestly. Check it out.

Happy Monday!




Thoughtful Thursday

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I am going back and forth between a Thoughtful Thursday and a Thankful Thursday post title.

Wednesday was 99% wonderful and my sweet girl had an awesome birthday.  I do not think I have ever seen her quite so excited and happy.

2014-11-19 10.08.33

Greatest picture ever.

Whenever I am buying gifts for her I am convinced they are never going to be anything she actually wants. Lol
I don’t know why, but it’s the way it is. But as long as there are books, and puzzles in there somewhere it is always good.

This time, the real ticket, other than more TAG reader books, was the Colours and Shapes Bingo game.

A word of advice to people buying toddlers and preschooler games. Don’t buy something you can’t deal with playing a couple hundred times a day.

I played 10 games of BINGO today. TEN. IN. A. ROW.
Oh, yeah, because we are snowed in. Already.

Sunday, we have the family party with grama and papa and I look forward to adding another game into our slow growing selection.
Crocodile Dentist.
Each person pushes down a tooth in the crocodile’s mouth and hopes they don’t get bitten.
Kinda cute I thought.

I also got her Angelina Dance with me for Christmas. It is a game that gets her moving and teaches beginning ballet which she should love. She is pretty crazy about dancing and has been doing bits of ballet. Where she got it from I have no clue.

Honestly thought I am really looking forward to the Slide or trampoline she is hopefully getting as part of the holiday program. I will actually get some breathing moments again. :)

If you haven’t seen the Live Action Cinderella movie trailer coming out in 2015 – stop everything and watch this.
Helena Bonham Carter is in it which is far as I am concerned screams WIN.