Easter 2014

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Hi everyone!  I hope you enjoyed Easter,  as much as we did! We ventured out of town for the long weekend.

The weather was beautiful,  the sun was shining.  We took advantage and found ourselves outside in the garden.

Only to realize,  kidlet’s second set of clothes were at home sitting on the couch.  Oops.

Needless to say, her outfit went through the wash a couple times and her pj’s made a few appearances during the days. Lol

I can’t believe how much she’s changing and growing up.  She has also gotten over her issue with dirt.
Rubbing leaves and throwing dirt in her own hair.  :D

She also had her first Easter egg hunt.  I had to walk with her but she carried her basket and filled it.

Her Mimi found some goodies and filled plastic eggs. Genius.
These eggs are really pretty.


She also got some seed packs and bulbs as well as the containers to plant them.
I LOVE that they came up with such fantastic ideas with out input from me.
Educational and fun!

This weekend has been something of an eye opener for me. It’s really got me thinking about what is really important in raising my daughter and where I am willing to make  sacrifices.

Being out here in nature, has me second guessing my desire to stay more local to things.

Is being local to things as important to her being able to fully immerse in nature?
Here there’s no worries of running out in traffic because she’d never be able to run that far down the driveway.
The other side of the house is what we call the back 40. Woods and a little pond that more often than not is dry from the heat and FULL of frogs hiding in the long grass.

Unfortunately,  beyond weekends this area isn’t safe for us. We can’t venture out from the house into town but honestly,  when we’re here I have no desire to.

For us, nature and safety is anywhere but that region.
At least in the long term. Which isn’t all that bad except for the crazy snow.

Picture dump trucks carting snow away. That’s winter in most parts of our north. An hour from where we are now. As well as further north.

When you’re a family with special needs,  snow can be your enemy.  For us, it is!
But seeing her in nature has me wondering if I could make winter work somewhere similar to where we stayed.
Not to mention could I survive sanely, because my hatred of snow/cold runs deep.

Definitely,  a lot to think about.

How did your family celebrate Easter?



Book Trailer Reveal: AQUA

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Some of you may of guessed that I am all kinds of gaga over AQUA.
You would be right!

I have already read it a handful of times.

I am thrilled to announce that today, is the book trailer reveal.

If you have been on the fence about AQUA then this is your chance to get a feel for the book.

Aqua FINAL FrontCheck out the TRAILER HERE.

There is also still time to support the authors indigogo.