Inspiration – Where do you find it Offline & Keep present?

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It has been something of a roller coaster around these parts lately.

We finally had a professional in to look at the kitchen and he should be here to finally get us a bare bone kitchen (with out the pretty frillings) in about ten days. He is finishing up some other jobs first so that he can work on this one continuously and really focus to get it done.

Which I can appreciate, because it gets it done faster and my kid ends up off schedule for less time.
I will be so THANKFUL for a kitchen. For the first time in almost 6 MONTHS.  To also not need to wash my dishes in the bathroom sink will be AMAZING.

We have had some pretty good weather, it has been warmer though still cold. We are at least on the plus side of the thermometer, until you factor in the windchill.

Excluding yesterday and today. Both days are grey and dreary. Yesterday with rain. Today with the threat of dusting snowflakes.
It made for some difficult sads yesterday. No matter what I did I couldn’t shake them.

It got me thinking once I finally shook the blues. I want to have more mood centering, inspiring things around at eye level.
It’s tough because I have a kiddo running around so I have to choose carefully what I have with in her reach.

I also have a housemate who doesn’t know how to keep her peanut gallery mouth shut. Especially when it comes to ruining my good feels but I’m prepared to tell her where to shove it.

My thinking is quotes and pictures are going to be the best thing to use. Using washi I can tape things to the wall. Except where can I find said inspiring pictures and such?
I see a lot of great photos on Instagram but they’re not mine. I have yet to come across great magazines or any non online media with the same kind of content.

I know it exists, so where do you find your inspiration offline?
What helps keep you centered and present?


Thankful Thursday

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It is Thursday, that means we have almost made it to the weekend. For those who don’t have to endure a weekend of house guests you could do with out. (Bleh!)
It also means that Ostara will be upon us tomorrow!! The first day of Spring.

After this past winter and all that in dealt us, I am glad to be into a new season. A season of beginnings and rebirth. :)

I am hoping that means the weather we were having before these last few will return.

Right now, it is sunny but super chilly.
Positive side is the snow is melting. Thank goodness.

Also positive side, the housemate is doing better since her 9ft fall. She’s not 100% but she’s at least able to shower, dress and take herself to the bathroom. Also getting herself in and out of bed or a chair.  So there is that to be super thankful for.

I am now back to just caring for kiddo and the odd thing for her. Instead of doing everything for everyone.
Which gets exhausting really, really fast.

Honestly I don’t know how nurses and psw’s do it all day, every day.

I am not sure when or if the Kitchen is going to ever be finished at this point. She’s trying to find a professional that will take on a small job, now that there’s not much to be done. That so far as not been successful.
The neighbor that she thought she was chummy chummy with has said no, and her uncles are being of no help.

So all that is up in the air.

But silver lining. I am not falling exhausted into bed at 8pm every night, after putting kiddo to bed so I can get back to some serious reading. Thankful for that more than anyone can possibly know.

What are you thankful for this week?

Happy Reading!!