Guest Post : M.A George AQUA Characters Theme Songs

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I am spending time this week focusing on my little girl who is recovering from surgery.
Thankfully, my site is in the awesome hands of M.A George today. She is the author of The Proximity series as well as the (current) stand alone, and most recently released AQUA.

She is here with a guest post. Telling us which song, or theme song fits which character in AQUA.

Take it away, Melissa.



by M.A. George

Aqua features a pretty varied cast, so it’s quite the challenge to capture the essence of each character in a neat and tidy little post. But what could possibly be better for essence-capturing than music? Fear not, you can uncover your ears. I’m not prepping to burst into song. I am, however, setting up a character theme song post. Is “theme song” even a term these days? It sounds too Dr. Zhivago. (Lara’s Theme, in case I’m being more obscure than I realize. My apologies if Lara’s Theme is now insinuating itself into your brain. Remain calm, we’re about to remedy the situation with some much cooler tunes.)

Anyway, back to the post. Let’s call it: “If you could pick one song to represent this character, which song would it be?…” Take that back, “theme song” is just so much easier. But to add a little twist, I’ll try to pick out the one lyric that really clicks with that character. Let’s move on with this rodeo, shall we?


The song:

“Anything Could Happen”, Ellie Goulding


The lyric:

“And now I know the truth

That anything could happen”


The explanation:

Layla is the seventeen-year-old lead character and voice of Aqua. She’s an introvert at heart, addicted to the written word, prone to blushing—yet undeterred from impulsively speaking her mind. I like the pulsing energy of this song, a fitting match for Layla’s vibrant personality. When her reality takes a stranger-than-fiction turn, she learns that just about anything is possible.



The song:

“It’s Time”, Imagine Dragons


The lyric:

“And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit

Right to the top

Don’t hold back

Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check”


The explanation:

Tristan’s story is one of rising above a really crappy childhood—less of an ”upbringing” than a grooming to serve a violent and reprehensible government agenda he desperately wants to escape. When he leaves it all behind to build himself back up again, he not only finds happiness—but an overflowing, infectious zest for life. The bouncy, lighthearted rhythm of this song makes me think of his carefree grin.



The song:

“I Never Told You What I Do for a Living”, My Chemical Romance


The lyric:

“It ain’t the money and it sure as hell ain’t just for the fame

It’s for the bodies I claim and lose”


The explanation:

Pyke is one of those guys who is a universe unto himself. His complex exterior—gruesome tattoos, piercings, scraggly dark hair and even darker eyes—is nothing compared to the many convolutions of his inner self. He has inner demons coming out his ears, internal conflict galore, but somehow manages to have a heart and fierce loyalty to those who break through his rough outer shell. This song pulls together a mix of heavy, sometimes grating sounds, a fair bit of screaming, and moments of slower, strangely beautiful melodies in a perfectly disturbing-yet-wonderful mishmash…It’s got “Pyke” written all over it. As for the lyric choice, Pyke doesn’t care about impressing anyone or making a buck. He cares about standing by the people who deserve it…and retribution for those who don’t.



The song:

“Riot Rhythm”, Sleigh Bells


The lyric:

Don’t even bother trying to understand the lyrics, just enjoy the song


The explanation:

Next to Pyke, Zría is probably the most enigmatic one in the bunch. Just like this song, she’s a bizarre mix of roughness, femininity, and pure awesomeness that can’t quite be deciphered. I can just picture her strutting down the beach to the beat of this music, turquoise hair whipping in the ocean breeze, looking gorgeous-yet-terrifying, with that “Don’t even think about trying to talk to me, or I’ll end you” look in her eyes.


Hope that leaves you with a clearer view of some of my favorite fictional friends, and a medley of awesome tunes in your head. Thanks for reading!



Review- How To Train Your Dragon 2 Art Book

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20140626_122743Rating 5 stars

I was thrilled and somewhat amazed when this review came in.

I loved the first movie, and can not wait to see the second.

The art book for How To Train Your Dragon 2 did not disappoint.
In more ways than one.

The price is AMAZING. $25.30 for HARDCOVER?!
For an art book, that is just mind blowing.

It looks like a small book in my not so great photo but it is a lot bigger than I was expecting.
It is a beautiful hardcover book, with some weight behind it, because they did not hold back in this book.

The forward is written by Gerard Butler. Which is amazing. I love that they got a star involved. (Almost as much as I love how much he is into the fantasy genre)

The book is full of art as well as photos. Full of black and white drawings as well as tons of colour and full of awesome. You also need not fear spoilers. (I have yet to come across any in the numerous times I have looked through this with my 2.5 year old. Double awesome.)

20140626_122854My favourite part of the book jacket, is the part that you see the least which is kind of sad.

The back cover, is just beautiful. I would pay for that page alone.


Isn’t it beautiful?

I have yet to see the movie, but the art book, is a great teaser. I love the way it was put together. You get bits about character development. The hows and why.
You can tell the creators of the book love the movie. It doesn’t feel like a money grab. You feel the love behind it. Which can make or break with an art book of any series.

This art book is more than a one read book. It is a great coffee table book for fans of the series, fans of animation and of course dragon fans.

The only thing that could make this book any better would be coming out with the maps and dragon cards you see in the book.

I love this art book. Definitely a must have for all fans adult and kids a like.

buy it on Amazon