2015 Goals Part One

2015 is officially here. So, we are now sitting at “Possibility Junction“, A new start, a new year with endless possibilities.
How exciting is that?!

My goals list as well as the challenge list for this year is going to come in parts, otherwise the post would just be too long.
I am ready for some serious change this year.
Bring on 2015.

I have been trying to come up with a word of the year, for the last couple days, and it has been interesting. Every word that I seemed to be drawn to always brought me back to the first word that really stopped me in my tracks.

2015 word definition Seek


In the end it is the initial word that I went for.


That word popped up endlessly, other words brought me back full circle.
So, yes universe I am listening.

It fits in so many ways.

I am seeking this year.

I am seeking a home for myself and my daughter.
I am seeking more independence, I am seeking friendship, community, knowledge, faith, spirit, change and probably much more I have yet to realize.

I hope the saying, SEEK and you shall find rings true.

Goal decisions for the year have been coming at me from all sides the last couple days. I have had the desire to journal and once I start it just flows for pages.

I am continuing with my short term goals with the exception of two long term goals, because realistically it can not be anything but long term.

But I have decided to break down the long term goals to small ones where I can. I am hoping to make them seem less daunting and more obtainable. Or at least a bit less stressful.

My short term goal break down for moving is to start breaking down possible locations. Evaluating necessities, decide what I can sacrifice on and what is needed to make life enjoyable in a new place. I want to THRIVE, not just survive.

I am also going to try to remember not to let the house mate get to me and ruin my HAPPY.

She is stuck with this mess, I am not. Soon Kidlet and I will be free and I need to keep the light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

I am also going to start living more simply.


I hesitate here to say living too simply because it is not that easy and it is not going to happen overnight.
I am that girl that has boxes and boxes of books and art supplies, and a huge wardrobe.
But it is getting there. I am downsizing the wardrobe first, because for me that is easier to part with.

The goal is to make moving a bit easier and to have less stuff to fit into the next place. Especially because I do not know how big it is going to be. For all I know, it may be a tiny one bedroom and what I own now between the two of us that will NEVER work.

A sane, happy person, is who I was before this house and who I want to continue to be.

I am getting too attached to my phone again. Kidlet “checked her imaginary phone” the other day and part of me died.
So my goal is no phone until nap time and then bed time. Unless Kidlet is having a brief tv break.

This one has been hard and has slipped a bit. I need to get that back.

Embrace more SPIRITUALITY.

This is one that had many little bullet points under it.
I want more spirituality in my life, but also that of kidlet’s. So I really need to buckle down and start with her. Relevant books, activities and just plain talking to her about it.
Course that means also figuring out what beliefs she is going to learn about, which holidays etc.

The other thing in regards to spirituality was that I wanted to be blogging more about it.(As well as more blogging in general)
So that will be coming. Once I have found the balance I want of how often I will be posting and which days will be which posts.



and lastly, more writing in my daughters journal. I similar to the entries written for her on my site, just in a paper journal.






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