28 Days Of Lists: Day One: Geeky Favourites

February 28 Days Of Lists


House Of Organa 28 Days Of List Challenge


If you aren’t already part of IGGPPC, then you are seriously missing out. We accept everyone regardless of gender.
This post is part of the House Organa first challenge. The house for those 30+.
If you’re not a member, than you should join us. To join in the house challenge, simply go to the sight, join and get sorted by age. Once that is done, start posting.
You can also find fellow House Organa members on Twitter using the tag HouseOrgana.

Each day of the month corresponds with a number in this list.
Otherwise this is a great get to know me post. 🙂

28 Days of List.

Geeky Favourites

1. Harry Potter                                                                       2. Zine-ing
3.Writing                                                                                4. Art
5. Journaling                                                                          6. Gilmore Girls
7. Doctor Who                                                                       8. Reading
9. Inspirational things                                                          10. IGGPPC

plus one: I am currently back to listening to my favourite album from my childhood boy band thanks to Twitter. LOL
Usually for Geeky favourites we do a top 5 that is forever changing so I thought I would do a top 10 this time around.

Forgive the formating. It is too early to argue with WordPress and code. 🙂
What are your top Geeky Favourites?

Remember, they don’t have to be “geeky” to anyone but you!



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