How are we here already?!?!

My baby, is 3!

2014-11-10 18.22.34

I still can not believe the little lady  you have become.
I was just talking about how far you have come, and just how much you change every week. You really do, change a lot, right before my eyes.

A year ago, we struggled getting you to speak in front of anyone, that wasn’t me.

We struggled – going through the process of what our diagnosis was going to be.

Was it autism? Selective Mutism? Shyness? Or something else we were missing.

We also struggled with food. You ate, select food groups – avoiding others.

Finally, something clicked and magically overnight, you got the food thing and opened up to more food groups and occasionally asking for others you often avoid.

Speech, though still difficult has gotten so much better.
Our diagnosis, was just shyness. No more selective mutism labels.
Our autism also was not a fit, a relief, but we knew there was something.
Now we understand it as “gifted”

If I can just make others understand what that means, and help them wrap their heads around some of the things coming out of your mouth that would probably, make things much easier on you.

You see, sweet girl, it is not every day that a two year old, now a three year old looks at an adult complaining because she can’t read a word or write yet. They also, do not often out logic an adult. Or get bored with their toys as often as you do.

While I love how driven you are, to conquer everything. I miss the days you were content to colour happily.
Now, your love of art is more painting and paper crafts. However, scissors, still frustrate you, but we will get there.

Your memory, also blows peoples minds. Even mine some days, and I should be used to it.
You give even me a run for my money and I also have a great memory.

I however, do not often memorize books read to me and every movie I see. You though, memorize EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

You also, love animated movies, especially ones with lots of singing. Or minions. Though, much to my surprise, you really took to Peabody and Sherman.

You don’t do movie theaters, we found that out the hard way. It is going to be a LONG time before, we try that again. Maybe, when you are a teen. 😉

You are the best little girl a mommy could ever ask for.
So much like me, and yet very much not like me.

You inspire me, and make me strive to be a better person.

I am so proud of you.
Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Mommy loves you.


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