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Welcome to our little corner of the web!!

I am a single mother to a wonderful little girl. We live in a small town in Canada.
A town that has completely surprised me, and is very much home to us.

I am a very passionate mama, it’s what I was truly born to do  (yes, I know *gag* on the lovey mommy drippings! But, it’s SO true)

Becoming a mother changed not just the way I viewed (and coped) with the world but also the things that were important to me. It literally changed my entire world.

Since becoming a mom new causes are close to my heart. Children’s Literacy and access to books being one of them.

We are a special needs family. I advocate for  physical disabilities, speech delays and autism.

Have a book you’d like reviewed? Send me an email  or DM me on Twitter.

I will be regularly reviewing  books I personally read.
Everything from Children’s books, Young Adult Fiction, Adult fiction to non fiction .


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