About Me (The Blogger)

You can call me May.

It is an alias I use online, to give myself and my family some privacy.

Why Blogging?
I blog for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones is Me.
I can’t not write, with out going insane.
I tried, it didn’t end well.

So I stopped trying to not write and just started letting the words out.
It’s gotten easier now that I am older, more comfortable in my own skin and as my own person. (Thank you 30’s)

I am going through some big changes in my life.
We are trying to get ready to move. Where is undecided. But a move is unavoidable.
We are grabbing happiness and running with it.

I am trying to find the bits of myself that were on hold while I held a newborn in my arms and just took all that wonderfulness in. And slept while she slept so I survived.

I am embracing my adult self.
Trying to find the wardrobe that I like and is as comfortable as yoga pants but is more than that.

Enjoying my love of colour and Bohemian style.

2015 is going to be my year.
You can see my goals (Part One) here and Part two here.

I am Single.

Living my life, with my beautiful little girl who I love more than life itself.

I am a huge geek.
I read a lot. My favourite subjects are Spirituality/Religion, Inspirational, Self help, Art & Creativity.
I also like Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal (and Paranormal romance). I used to like Horror however, I am a huge scaredy cat post baby. So I don’t read that stuff now.

My Favourite things in the world Non Family Related.
Writing and receiving letters. I am a member of IGGPPC. (A great penpal site for anyone regardless of gender)
Harry Potter
Gilmore Girls
Doctor Who
Art Journaling / Smashbooking / Scrapbooking /Stamping/ Zentangle
Folk Lore
EGYPT, TURKEY, JAPAN, INDIA & EUROPE are places I have long distance love affairs with. (I would LOVE to have penpals from those areas and just anywhere!)
Pioneer times

My favourite colours
are Turquoise/Teal and Pink.

I can’t live with out (McDonald’s) Coffee. I don’t know how they finally made something good, but they did!
I also love tea.

Shows I love:

Addams Family
Battlestar Galactica
Gilmore Girls

I love sharing things I am passionate about with people who share the same interests so if you would like to talk some more you can always comment here or find me on twitter.


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