Attempting a self made planner

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know. I am trying to find a planner that will work for me.
I really like Erin Condren planners! You can see her showing off the newest planners here.
Sadly, I can’t find the really great video someone made of their customized/altered EC planner that just made me love it more.

I however do not like the price – especially once you tack on a $30 shipping cost.

So I have been attempting to make my own. Smash book style. You can see a video similar to what I had in mind here.

Initially, I have thought of doing something a bit different. I had a couple make your own smash book kits from Recollection.
I liked the ability to really customize them to my liking.

I started with the bare  bones first, using what I had on hand.

home made smash planner attempt 1

I love the way I could have many sections and didn’t need to worry so much about thickness.

However, I quickly came to realize, I do not like the way the rings move so much.
The advantage though is the ability to fold the book over on itself. But I know, I am going to come to really hate the rings.
Plus they just aren’t easy to use, they are difficult to open. You need two hands, and the book to be flat. Also they get stuck. A LOT.

So, that is just not going to work.
Which means, for me – that book is going to have to be used for something else. A planner that I use all the time has to move in a way that I can stand or I am not going to want to use it.

I think this book could still work as a smash book. You open that to look at and work on. In that case it is always flat. So the rings should not be an issue. It also means I may be able to remove the 3rd ring which I took of a slightly smaller book to try to see if adding a ring would make it tolerable.

While I love smash books, and I think that the adding of the little calendar pockets is awesome. I hate that there are no sections of just regular (or funky lined) paper for journalling.
I HATE writing on blank paper because my crocked writing makes me insane. I also don’t really want to have to add hundreds of journal cards to one page – because when I start writing it is usually not a short blurb.

So that doesn’t leave me too many options.

I then stumbled upon this idea. Of decorating a 3 ring binder.

While picking up paint for another project I stumbled into the smash section.
I found  a possible solution!

2014-12-13 20.59.24

Smashbook came out with their own 3 ring binders.

2014-12-13 20.59.42

That’s just regular 3 ring loose paper that I have in there.
I thought this could work than I realized that, I can’t just tuck this in my purse.
Yeah, I know.. I don’t know why this is so difficult for me to find one planner either

I think it comes down to me wanting too much for one planner.
I want something that I can carry with me, but I also want one that I can write notes in, plan, schedule.
But the size of my purse isn’t right for anything that is going to do that.

So, I am going to do something of a custom note book, journal smash with it.
With a custom planner in it, for all the things that I wanted – and continue with the other bits in a mini note book that fits in my purse.
I am going to stick with  note books that I can rip pages out easily to put in the home made book. If they’re worth keeping the book together I guess I can always add a pocket to tuck the book in.

I did find some really great add ons when I looked to see if they had anything that might work for a planner like book.
I was actually surprised by how much I found.

2014-12-13 20.59.58

This little goody looks like so much less than it actually is.

2014-12-13 21.00.22

This is the back content list.
You actually get a few different ways to do your months. As well as numerous ways to label your days of the week.

I love how many ways there are to customize with this little package. 2014-12-13 21.01.082014-12-13 21.00.48


I love this brand I just wish that they were not quite so pricey. But I think that, is more the store than the brand. Michael’s is really craptastic for price gouging in Canada because the only competition they had they wiped out years ago.

I am trying to find a store online that carries a lot of the stuff I get from Michael’s and also does a free shipping, just so I don’t have to go there. *Edit I always forget about another store I have – it is a bit far but does free shipping on orders over $25. Also, I think it is cheaper. So if you’re looking for something not Michael’s try DeSerres*

And.. holy tangent.

I have taken the other pages from above off the ring to add to the binder. It comes with nothing but the binder.

I decided to throw some Gesso on them. So I am letting that dry tonight before I really start going at it.
I am really looking forward to this project and seeing how it turns out.

Have you ever made a planner? What are your favourite must haves?



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