7 months

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Wow how time flies!!

How we’ve grown together in the last 7 months.

You’re signing!!!

You started signing ‘Milk’ the day before you turned 7 months.
Much to my shock and amazement.

We were out at a restaurant and you grabbed lettuce off my plate. Lol

You’re getting into the solids, some days.
Avocado, banana and sweet potato (the last of which you hated lol)

We went to the farmers market last weekend.
This week we will once again to pick up odds and ends not in the harvest basket, that starts coming this week.

Mommy got your thermal curtains and a ceiling fan to cool your room down because gosh it heats up.

You will not tolerate table top fans.
Thankfully you never mind ceiling fans.
Next I’m going to tinfoil your window and see if it helps.

You sweat so easily.
Even in nothing but a diaper and sleep sack.
I’ve tried different sheets but no good.
Hopefully this helps a bit.

No teeth yet but I can tell we’re so close.

I got you your first rocking toy.
An elephant 🙂

You love books!
Wow do you!!

Molly Goes On A Nature Walk is the day time favourite right now.

Goodnight Moon is still night night time.

You should see your collection!

You’re a ring stacker cheater 😉
Picking it up and pouring them off or using your feet.

I also picked you up a drum to add to your musical toys.

Can’t forget the puppets also.

You’re so much like Mommy I’m not sure if I should be happy or worry lol

Mommy also learned something about me this week. No coffee after 5 pm or I’m up all night.

The longest night of my life, the 18th.

(You were interesting to watch. You’re becoming quite the bed hog. )

Part of why this post is late and why Mommy canceled the dentist on the 19th.

Mommy loves you, always.



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We’re one day closer.

My bed has been delivered.
Yay Leon’s Furniture. 🙂 They even fixed their small error before I got a chance to call. Dropping off my second mattress protector.

Now, it sits in the baby’s room waiting for us and Saturday.

We were there yesterday.
We got a big surprise as we were leaving. It was raining.
We hadn’t heard a drop of it inside.

Double Yay!

I love this house I honestly can’t rave enough.
Turns out there’s already a clothes line.
One less thing that needs to be done.

I need queen sized sheets before Saturday.
The house needs groceries.
The living room needs (better) curtains for the bay window.
Or I will be spooked at night.
Yup. I’m a wuss 😉

I’m so excited about being able to cook again. I’m also gearing up for treat making.

I may even try making kombucha.
As well as peanut butter cups vegan/non dairy (like Cleo’s) because honestly I could spend a fortune on those 2 things alone.
But putting money towards P is much too important to splurge too much on things that don’t bring anything in.

Other than mommy’s sanity. 🙂

We’ve discussed canning, now that we have room and a pantry so hopefully.

Most of all I love that this place gives us the room to feel like we have our own places.
It will give myself and P privacy and family time.
As well as giving my friend the space to be herself and a kid free zone.

The truck comes Saturday morning.
We’ve got errands that afternoon and net company comes Sunday.

It’s busy but worth it.

We’re almost home baby girl.