Surviving 5

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Gosh, it has been forever since I did a Kiddo update.
How are you almost 6 my girl? We are almost a month away. I am not ready. Emotionally, or quite literally.  I guess I should figure out what we are doing and where!

We have been in a very exhausting time in our lives.

We survived Kindergarten. Which, she did very well once she got over the first few weeks.
The only issue she had was boredom – waiting for the class to catch up to her. Thankfully she had a teacher that could help with that.

We are now, on the second year of school. First grade.

I have moved her over to the French Immersion.
Her days are MUCH longer but it gives her a challenge that she wasn’t getting in an English public school.

I just have to keep reminding myself that when I am doing bus runs at 730am and 430pm.
Because, of course, our bus company would not do the logical thing and send a smaller bus out to get all the younger kids in this area so they wouldn’t have such long days.

Instead they drag 5 and 6 year olds through the entire route and pick them up first. I swear the idiots that run our buses are complete morons.  Going by how many kids they lost leaving them at wrong stops and what not the first few weeks, it kinda proves my point.

The principal has been nothing short of amazing. The school has been nothing short of amazing for both of us. Which was a very nice surprise because the vibe I was getting when I enrolled her this summer was kind of scary and off putting.

But we love it. Despite the long days.
The only thing I am not loving is they don’t seem to do anything with scholastic. We are in to the second month of school and nothing has come home.
Kiddo didn’t even have her first library trip until yesterday and no book came home with her. So, I am trying to figure out why they do not push reading more than they do.
There is not even a book fair set up until a few months from now, and that one they call a French Book Fair, and when you are 5 and in your first year learning I am kind of wondering if there is going to be much there for her other than the small read along books that come with a cd.

We have moved on to chapter books for bedtime on weekends – with smaller ones during the week so she can get more sleep. But I don’t read french so that really limits us. (So, I am investigating our options and ways to help myself pick up some more French)

I think their empthasis on reading and what they do to support it is something they could do MUCH better. At least in the first grade.

We also have swimming lessons on Saturday morning. You can’t grow up surrounded by water and not learn. And to all those people that said throw her in she will learn – bite me. As someone who nearly drowned more than once because of that attitude I loathe that attitude.

Sundays, we are still doing church. Kiddo LOVES it there.

It is not unusal to see her snuggled up to the minister during the childrens discovery time – which she is often the only one lol
He has the patience of a saint. 🙂

We have new 6 year molars in her mouth and have had two visits from the tooth fairy in one week. You now, have no front teeth top or bottom.
That pirate look you sported on picture day until that other tooth fell out was very amusing.

We have also had what seems to be our yearly ER trip with you. I was surprised to see that it was almost to the day the last few years that we have ended up there. This time, it was a throat infection.
Ten days of antibotics, that meant removing you from summer school. (Not that, it turned out to be a bad thing that program was just dreadfully run!)

I have also signed you up for your first sleep away camp this July. Pee wee camp. It is run by our Church Organization so you should love it. Hopefully. It is 4 nights, 5 days. So hopefully I can figure out a way to make you okay with me not being there.

You have a temper. Gosh, do you ever. And a bit of an attitude since you started Kindergarten and it has not been fun.
But I think we are finally getting a handle on it thanks to a really awful Thanksgiving.
Not all your fault by a long shot. But we are better off for it.

We know, who we can rely on and who not to spend too much time with.  We are stronger now for it because it has brought us closer.  It allowed me a window in to how you handle big situations – where you are a big part of the issue and lets me see how you handle realizing that you made a very big mistake.

I was proud of how little almost 6 year old you handled a horrible situation and how you apologized for your part and tried to do what was right to make it better.

You are my girl and I am so proud of the lady you are becoming.

Mommy loves you.



Another Update that has been far too long in coming.

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Every time I say to myself that I am going to some how find the time to keep this blog going something comes up.

Life is hard as a single parent.
Hard, busy, stressful but I love my little human even on the worst of days.

How are we nearing the sixth year?

We are two days in to the first grade and I have already had to contact the principal with an issue.
An issue that lead to a huge staff meeting, (bonus that I have not had to attend) because people CLEARLY  need to be informed how to talk to and deal with a disabled adult. (How do people, not know to treat us as ADULTS who are in control of our own lives I don’t understand)

The teacher is now apparently beside herself because she was not seeing the whole picture.

The issue.. my crossing the parking lot to take my daughter to school. Using a handy parking spot with my sticker, and crossing to use an accessible curb.

Sounds all well and logical right?

Apparently not, according to her and out dated made by an idiot rules, I had to walk to the other end of the parking lot (farthest it can be from the accessible parking) to the cross walk.

So, when she said if I had an issue with it, to take it up with the office. So of course, I did.

It also suddenly put me at the front of their making of the 90 year old school accessible.
As a disabled adult you see things differently than an able bodied adult. So, they are asking for feed back which I am giving them all that I can.

Disabled children – don’t always have the words to say what they need and as kids, they are not always taken seriously.
So there was no way that I would ever back down from this.

Am I a massive introvert, who is the shyest person you could ever meet? Absolfreakinglutely. But I will be damned if a disabled child will miss out on what they need because I didn’t step up when the chance came up.

I have since discovered that her own staff (a temp) has a need of the spot. But has never brought issues forward.
Given how disgustingly riddled with discrimination our school board has been, I can only assume she never brought it forward out of fear for her job. Or her needs are just that different.

I can’t hold the possibility of fear  against her because she had right to fear for her job. Hate ran this school board for a long time.

So that is how I began our second week back to school at 845am. Fun times ahead I can tell.

We have also been going to church since shortly after Easter.
Kiddo LOVES it.  So it has helped me stick it out.
I love, a lot of things about it, but some other things are harder.

Admittedly, I have asked myself more than once, if it is all worth it. But then Kiddo will ask me to read the bible to her or a bible story and I will be in awe of her and remember why this was so important to me.

Why making sure she has everything I did not is so important.

Why making sure the church works for inclusion as much as the rest of the world is so important.

Why despite the struggles I have with my own place in our church, I stay and I fight to get more comfortable. I struggle through feeling like we are Sunday visitors and I do what I can to have us be more.

I’ve always been willing to go to bat for disabled issues, despite the anxiety and shyness and I will continue to do so. But some days I just there were more disabled adults in the church to help.

It is such complex issue because no 2 disabilities will be the same – even if their medical terminology is.

The problem here, in part is that church numbers are so low, and a lot of congregations are older generations are set in their ways. (Add in the small town ignorance..ugh)
Though I have found the more issues some have as they age the easier they have accepting disabled. But it shouldn’t have to wait that long.

So it is giving me a lot to think about. A lot to think about and a lot to have to fight for.
A fight that often doesn’t feel like this blog is the right place.
It sometimes feels like a vlog may be the best outlet for some of the more wordy things. So I am pondering that and trying to figure out the best way for me – the introverted shy person to sit in front of a camera and talk. Haha

I am reading.. I swear it. I know this post is very non book like. But I have been choosier on my reads because I am entering a new chapter of life and I want the book related posts that I do get to, to be worth talking about but also something that is important to me.