Blueberries are evil

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It looks like P has some weird reaction to blueberries.

(TMI Warning)

She starts sneezing minutes after they’re in her mouth. (Hence the purple on her creeper) they also make her unable to dirty a diaper. The bits she can are nearly black.

So blueberries are out.

As much as I don’t want her to grow up,  the adventures of solid foods are not as fun as I thought they would be.

I love her exploring food and all but the allergies have not been fun.
I hate seeing her sick or having tummy issues because of something I ate or fed her.
I want us to be able to enjoy our meals together.
Eventually, I know.

I just feel so horrible when she’s not happy.


Goodbye Kobo

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I bought a Kobo Ereader for my new years present January 2012. I wanted something that allowed me to read with out the baby grabbing pages. Something I could carry that held more than one book with out the weight and something that had the ability to do light surfing online.

Kobo Vox does all of that but now that I am working with as many authors as I am and reading that much more. Kobo honestly makes my life a lot more difficult than it has to be.

Instead of being able to get a format like Kindle from an author I need PDF’s which either get read via smart phone or PC.

Or I start the difficult task of converting it to Kobo to import on my reader.
Honestly, as a single mother who gets limited hours to read, this is the LAST thing I have time for. So I’ve decided it’s time to give up the Kobo, collect what I can and put that towards my purchase of a Kindle.

I bought it for $199 on sale.
My asking price is $120. which will include shipping to whomever asks for it first.

You can see what books are available free and not so free at Kobo books.

Got a Kindle? Which one do you love and why?