Monday: What are you reading?

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Monday, already.
Our week brings heat I am not ready for. We’ve had to turn the AC back on.

the path of yoga and why meditateI’m hoping to get through both but we will see how things go this week. It has been pretty crazy for awhile.

I am also reading Mary had a sleepy sheep. By Julia Dweck.

mary had a sleepy sheepMary had a sleepy sheep is currently available for presale on Amazon.
How sweet is that cover!
Happy Reading!!


Monday: What Are You Reading?

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We’re back to the grind – this weekend went super fast.
Between getting furniture for the kids room, and other errands that had to be done, there was no time to relax. Throw in that Saturday was basically a no nap and up early kind of day, it did not help.

Next weekend is a BBQ get together, so nothing is going to get done then either.
Arg. I need a pause button just to get caught up and a break.

I’m sticking with my spiritual theme this week.
Hoping it helps me feel like things are flowing well.

an easy guide to meditation


home sanctuaries