Cover Reveal: The Fulfillment Erin Rhew Books

We’re back, with something extra awesome today. We have a cover reveal for a book, that I am personally DYING for.
For ..has it been a year?

This series is by for, one of my absolute favourites ever.
Starting with The Prophecy, continuing in the Outlanders and (sadly) ending with The Fulfillment.
As excited as I am for this release, it’s a happy sad because I know it will also be the end of it.
It has such a big part of my heart.


How beautiful is that cover? Seriously. I love all the covers to this series. The colours are stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.
Look out for the release soon!
As well as my tweeting like a crazy person when I finally get my hands on a copy.


Layla’s world tumbles out of control when she discovers the truth of her parentage and realizes the Prophecy—the one she upended her entire life to defend—is incomplete. When her new friends share the entire Prophecy, the revelations contained within it alter her destiny and challenge everything she and Wil believe in. Now, she must confront the Outlander queen to save the Ethereal kingdom while grappling with this new reality.

Tortured and imprisoned, Nash accepts his fate and offers the First Ones the one thing he has left to give: his life. In a desperate attempt to save the people he loves most, he surrenders himself to the Outlander queen and a destiny darker than he could have ever dreamed possible.

Wil, tormented by the consequences of his choices, realizes he may never be able to uphold his end of the Prophecy. His mistake casts a deep, foreboding shadow over his kingdom and those he loves, while its ripples threaten to shatter both the Prophecy and everything he and his family have sworn to protect.

In this epic conclusion, lives are lost, kingdoms clash, friendships are tested, and love and fate collide.


About the Author:



Erin Rhew is an editor, a running coach, and the author of The Fulfillment Series. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the “Grammar Police.”

A Southern girl by blood and birth, Erin now lives in a rainy pocket of the Pacific Northwest with the amazingly talented (and totally handsome) writer Deek Rhew and their “overly fluffy,” patient-as-a-saint writing assistant, a tabby cat named Trinity. She and Deek enjoy reading aloud to one another, running, lifting, boxing, eating chocolate, and writing side-by-side.

Find me online:

Twitter: @ErinRhewBooks


Goodreads :The Prophecy.

The Outlanders.


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    • Thank You my dear. It has been an honor to be on this ride. 🙂
      If you ever need anything you always know how to find me. Hugs!

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