Febuary 26th-March 4th 2015 Update (Thoughtful Thursday)

It’s been quiet around these parts and for good reason.
If you stalk my twitter you may of noticed a lot more spiritual talk, between myself and others that I follow.
I have finally found my footing and am jumping in head over feet.

I am also reading more.

Currently, I am reading Sacred Contracts, Life Recovery Journal & Artist’s Way, sent to me by a beautiful friend. I am loving it.
Though today;s page threw me for a bit of a loop. Seven days of  no reading. I almost had a heart attack.
But then I mulled it, and I realized that it is the best time, and the best thing for me.

I need that reminder to step away from the books and the studying that has been going on and start DOING.

So February 26- March 4th 2015 is my non reading week and I am going to start doing.
It is going to be my me week, where I focus on things that have been going on.
I have done a lot of meditating and prayer lately and I can feel a shift coming. So I am taking time to let it happen.

I am going to focus on meditating, writing, journaling, arts,  lists, creativity and of course spirituality.
At the end of the week I am excited to see how I feel.

I mentioned 2015 was going to be my  year and I it most definitely is working out to be.

We also  now finally have a working, installed and wonderful furnace. We have fully functional, non skin drying out, non electric heat. It is glorious.

The kitchen is progressing, slowly, but it is at least getting closer.
Just like Spring.

Have you read Artist’s Way? How did you make it through your 7 day reading deprivation?



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