Fighting the Winter Blahs. Boosting Your Mood

It’s hard to believe, that we are almost entering February. Bringing with it Ground Hog Day and another day closer to Spring.
I can not wait for Spring.

I am ready for more than an hour of daylight a day.
Yesterday wasn’t too bad for part of it, the sun has been out and shining with a beautiful blue sky.

It seems to be repeating again today. Of course with that said it is CRAZY cold.
Parts of Canada and the USA are also under a severe storm warning. (Thankfully, we’re not!)

I have been thinking a lot about change, and self acceptance lately.

The unexpected advantage of being in my 30’s (as well as becoming a parent) is that it seems to come with a level of self acceptance. I am okay with the person I have finally become. My body has done amazing things, growing and birthing another human being. So I am okay with the changes it has gone through over the years.

But that doesn’t mean things are always easy and perfect for me.
I am still trying to find part of myself, parts that are more than just a mommy.

As someone who occasionally gets winter blah’s I thought I would do a post about the top things to do to help your mood.

Sometimes, I could use the reminder as much as the next person.
Disclaimer: I am no doctor, therapist or any kind of medical professional. Always talk to your professional about your care. 

Keeping up on your multi vitamin is a good place to start. Making sure your body is healthy is important when trying to keep your blues away and your mood stable.
While talking about vitamins, making sure you have enough vitamin D is also important. Especially, if you live in a country where winter is like 8 months of the year. Or at least feels it.

When you feel the blah’s taking over:

1. Take a shower.
It’s amazing how feeling sparkly clean can change the brain.

2. If you can’t shower for whatever reason wash your face. Find your favourite cleanser and moisturizer and pamper yourself.
I bought a new facial cream from Sephora. I can not believe how good washing my face and moisturizing with this cream makes me feel.
Not only does my skin look fantastic after just a few days, I feel great afterwards.
I am light, happy and refreshed.

3. Journal
Sometimes, there is no one to talk to. A journal is a great way to get out whatever is on our mind at the time.
It can be enough to shake the mood sometimes.

3. Talk to someone. Friend, family, therapist.
Sometimes, even talking about anything but your mood is enough of a distraction.

4. Eat a big bowl of  leafy green salad full of a rainbow colour of veggies.
Sounds crazy, but the sudden boost of veggies, can help refresh your system and boost your mood.

5. Drink water.
Sometimes, your mood is your bodies way of telling you, it needs more water.
If you’re like me and are not a big fan of water, try carbonated/flavored sugar free water. Or herbal teas. Soup broth is also another way to stay hydrated.

6. Get Outside
Sunlight and physical exercise a great way to get your brain chemicals flowing and giving your mood a boost.
Even just a brisk walk around the block.

7. Watch a comedy.
Find a movie that makes you laugh. Make your favourite snack and have a laugh.

8.Turn on your favourite tunes and dance.
Physical exercise helps the brain. Your favourite music, even if you need to do it with your headphones in.

Art Therapy.
Creativity is healthy and fun for everyone. Get out the art supplies and go at it. If you can’t draw, doodle or zentangleCollage or Paint.
It doesn’t matter what you try as long as you try something.

9. One of the important thing to remember is that it is temporary. Your mood will improve.

10. If you just can’t shake it, try a nap.
Sometimes it is enough to change the brain and shift you into a new frame of mind.

We have made it to February, the light is at the end of the tunnel. We can do this.
Before you know it, it will be Spring.


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