Finding Balance and Quieting the Mind


I feel like it has been forever since I had anything I really wanted to blog about. I’m still reading and loving the books I am reading. I have just been focused on self care and trying to shake the exhaustion and moodiness that has crept in.

I did however crawl in to bed super early last night and get almost 9 hours of sleep so that made things feel much better.

I have been on an interesting path lately.

Ways to find balance. Figuring out what balance means for me.
As well as ways to quiet my very active mind.

I have started doing a bullet journal type of brain dump daily and it has been so amazing for helping my brain be exceptionally quiet. Which I love.  I was inspired by this video.
It lets me let go of things, when I think of them and lets me move on to other thoughts, or creative ideas.

I have also started a common place book. Something I discovered a long time ago and promptly forgot about with all the chaos in my head and life with a preschooler.

The last two things I started doing to try to make things easier on myself where inspired by a blog post I stumbled upon.
I’ve since lost it but the general idea was waking up before your kids, even just five minutes. Waking up for yourself instead of to someone needing you is supposed to help you wake up happier and lead to a better day.

To my surprise, I have found it to be very true.
Though not always easy. Kiddo has been on this kick of waking up between 6 and 630am. (Hence the lack of blogging) which has  had me on survival mode.

The last thing that is something I realized by accident last night. Thanks to being on survival mode.
Going to bed super early on a Wednesday night, and getting almost 9 hours really helps me not only feel amazing the next day but makes surviving a few more days that much easier.
I actually look forward to the rest of the week.

So Wednesday night and Sunday night are going to be my super early nights. I am hoping getting almost  9 hours at least twice a week will help.

For me, this feels like I am one step closer to balance. I have yet to define what balance is for me exactly. But I think I am getting there.
I have been taking on a lot less for awhile and trying to do more for me. I get so lost in all the things that look interesting that I end up very quickly overwhelmed. Then usually end up doing nothing.

I have started really trying to embrace different ways of doing things and adapting them for me in order to find just the right balance.  I am really proud of the results.

What tools did you find that really helped you find balance and quiet your mind?


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