First Snowfall, Snow bunnies and A Fire Update.

Life is finally, calming down in some ways. Though other bits are getting a lot crazier.
Tomorrow is kidlet’s birthday?!
So I will be running out in the morning to do the decoration shopping because the weekend flew by and I never got to do it.

I then get to spend the night decorating and wrapping gifts.
I am both thrilled and sad that my little girl is growing up.
We have both grown so much in the last three years. Overcome so much.

2014-11-17 13.06.39

My snow bunny.

We spent today, enjoying the freshly fallen snow.
It took her two years but she finally seems to like snow.
She spent a lot of time, walking around the backyard sampling a lot of the snow. Moving on to making snow angels, and then throwing snowballs both at me and randomly around the yard.

It was warm so it was a nice day, and I didn’t mind being outside.
Once it’s cold, I will not love it quite so much.
It will be interesting to see how kidlet changes or doesn’t.

I swear I think the universe tried to be hilarious when it gave me her.
She is a climber, and loves to be moving around. She loves being outside and it seems to love snow.
I am none of all those things.

Yet, she loves her books, she loves to paint and be artsy, as much as she loves to be a homebody. She is calm, and quiet, a thinker. So much like her mother.

It is so much fun watching where her journey takes us. Our journey as a family, as individuals.

Lately I have:

I have also been taking more time for me at night. Growing back into my own person, now that my baby is not so hands on, all day and night.

I started an inspiration journal. My vision board is delayed – the cork roll has vanished.

Been collecting quotes to put around the house in places I see them through out the day.

The tricky part is finding magazines with quotes worth cutting out.

I have also spent time, connecting with more people online. Checking out more blogs.

My latest favourite blog post, is this one. I wish I had seen this once I started blogging. It is a great post whether you are a new blogger or have been blogging for a long time.
I LOVE the blind post idea.

I am filing that one away and will definitely be pulling that one out.

For those asking how things are now, after the fire:

Still with out a kitchen here. It is up in the air, none of the people I need to get in gear and push to make things happen care, because they aren’t the people living in this every day all day. Even the house mate isn’t pushing. She is only here on weekends and a few hours each night during the week. A meal for her is standing in the fridge and cramming something into her mouth that doesn’t involve much effort or healthy goodness.Yeah, she  doesn’t eat healthy or like a remotely typical human. So it doesn’t really get to her.

So all I can do is deal with the hand I have been dealt. It is not easy but it won’t be forever.
I just need to make it until Spring comes around. Once the nicer weather comes around people start moving and the vacancy rate will shift. I am hopeful that something will open up for us.

I’ve since decided that the only way I am going to be truly happier I need to  not be in this house, at least not with this roommate. Given she owns the house and I just rent, the only option I have is to move.

As much as I love this area and as much as kidlet has blossomed, I need to be somewhere I don’t need to shelter her from stresses. Here seems to be one stress after another, because frankly, my roommate sucks.

So now, I figure out where I can find the perfect affordable place for us. A place where we are still in nature, yet close enough to the things that we need.

How I am going to make this work I haven’t quite figured out, but I have time to figure it out.

So I am accepting positive vibes and miracles.



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    • You are more than welcome! I absolutely love your post. It is one, I intend to show to all new (and old) bloggers I come across. Such a great article.
      It’s been a bit extra great for me lately because I have been trying to avoid blogger burnout over here. So thank you again for writing it. 🙂

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