Friday Update

It is a bit chaotic right now. We are in the midst of moving house. It is about 10 days now until we get the keys and I can not be more excited.  It finally feels like things are coming together.

The advantage (and I can’t believe this just hit me!) is now, I don’t have to have landlord approval when it comes to decorating. At least in terms of my bedroom. So I am going all out.

I am finally getting my Boho/Spiritual theme.
I have had something of a pinterest obsession while trying to come up with a colour theme and decoration ideas for my room as well as kidlet’s room.

boho style

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Boho is Bohemian style (or “Gypsy” to some)
I love this, though my colour scheme is going to be different.
I’m torn right now between two.

colour scheme pink teal



colour scheme 2 gold

The pin (that I suddenly can’t find) that lead me down this path started with a golden colour ceiling and teal walls. Love at first sight.
The room was full of jewel tones. There was no shortage of colour.


I am also completely mad for this.
But so far, they are all very out of my price range so I am going to try to find a way to upcycle and custom one.

Also, FAKE STAIN GLASS?! This is a thing. Who knew.
There are a few tutorials. Most just involve a sharpie, your design and paints – glossy gives more privacy.  It’s all completely washable.

I’m a little excited, can you tell?

I just have to survive the actual move, I’ve never moved with a toddler before. The last time I moved kidlet was just a wee baby, and it was easy. Her and I just tucked out of the way. But now, she’s all over the place so it should be interesting.

What’s your dream room?

Happy weekend.



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