Happy New Years! 2015


Oh gloriousness! Another year. I can not be happier than I am about a new year.
2014 went out with such a bang that I honestly, am just ready for a new beginning. Something had to give, and I don’t mean my sanity.

This house has been a NIGHTMARE.
So, I am ready for some positivity to be in the air again.

2015 is a year of endless possibilities.

I don’t really set resolutions, because honestly, I have never actually made it more than a month or so doing that.

But this year I am going to try to set goals. However, not goals that last a year because that seems impossible and I would end up just forgetting those goals.

Instead I am going to set short term goals through out the year.

I am also going to decide on a word for the year. Something of a theme for the year.
All the words coming to mind – are all related so it leads me to believe that I am looking in the right direction.

I am also not doing a book challenge this year. Though I do hope to be better at actually keeping tabs on which books I am reading.
I found my spreadsheet idea did not go like I thought it would. It just became another thing to remember to do. Where as, Good Reads actually happens. Most of the time.
So I will likely go back to trying to keep tabs on Good Reads.

One of the for sure things this year is Moving.  I could cry just writing that, but it is what it is.
We didn’t hit the gold we thought with this house.  So, once vancancy rates are open, so is the door for Kidlet and I.

For the most part I am looking forward to it. It will really take the stress off and let me spread my wings instead of feeling cramped.

It’s the one big thing that I am really looking forward to.
The rest of it is just curiosity of what else will come in the year.

New Years, is a quiet night in, probably the usual on Twitter and blogging while Kidlet sleeps. I actually don’t mind it so much.
I got all the party out of me many years ago.

What is 2015 bringing you or what are you hoping for this year?



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