Helping Your Child Love to Read

A cause close to my heart as a person and as a parent, is helping children find love in reading.
It’s one of the most important tools we can give.

For some children, the love of books is all they have.
I was one of those children so I know how real it is and how important.

I read to my daughter daily. No if ands or buts.
Being able to read is one of the most important tools I can give her.
It will help her explore and learn about her world, help her solve problems and grow into the amazing woman I know she will be.

Starting story time while she is young not only helps her learn but gets her comfortable with story time and reading.
Reading  together, and letting her see me reading will help encourage her to love reading as much as I do.

I must be doing something right because at 9 months I have looked to see her “reading” quietly.


reading molly

reading brown bear

P has loved books since the beginning.
It’s also the one thing I buy her regularly.  Board books but also books that will come later.

Magazines geared at babies are also options.
Complete with rounded corners and non toxic vegetable ink.
Highlights for babies
Cricket puts out Baby Bug

Both options will transfer your subscription to their other magazines as your child ages.

It doesn’t matter what your child reads (within reason of course!) as long as their reading.
Comics, graphic novels, chapter books, choose your own adventure books, heck even the back of cereal boxes.

The trick is to find the right connection. Which is not always easy but the internet makes it a lot easier.  With amazon reviews, goodreads, shelfari, and of course Twitter and other social media.

Challenge your child (and yourself) to read a certain number of books a year.
Remember to be realistic and keep it fun.
Start your challenge on the new year and come up with a “reward” at the end of  that year for making it.
Maybe a magazine subscription, two fold reward. They’re reading and enjoying it  as a reward!

If your child doesn’t enjoy reading don’t push books on them, let them choose books they think they might enjoy.
Find out what keeps them from enjoying reading.

Are the books too long?
Are they getting stuck on words and frustrated?
Are the books at their reading level?
Are they struggling with their reading?
Can they see the book clearly, do they need glasses or more light?

Have them read you a bed time story, as a change  every few nights. Or alternate pages between the two of you.

You can always try audiobooks.
Or read along books.

Don’t give up. Find out what your child enjoys and seek out different books on those interests.

Seek out book lovers on the internet and see what their kids are reading.
Ask someone at your local bookstore or your local librarian.
Don’t forget to ask your friends and family what their children are reading.

Find ideas and suggestions for children’s books:

My pinterest kid lit board
My Young Adult Fiction pinboard (as well as the left and right sidebars)
Twitter List of writer and publishers
Scholastic website or pinterest. USA:Scholastic  or pinterest
 Teachersfirst has a list “100 best books” there’s also a search by grade level.
Children’s Book Guide also has a top 100 list. 

Save money on books by getting library cards.  You also help your child learn about borrowing and the importance of returning books.

Visit a second hand store and let them dig through the old books and see what gems they can dig up.
It’s always more fun that way!

If you’re looking to donate books, your local children’s hospital would likely be thrilled to take them off your hands.

Spread some sunshine, give a book.


2 thoughts on “Helping Your Child Love to Read

  1. Hi!

    I found this post really engaging not only because of the quality suggestions you offer in making reading a wonderful activity, but also because you shared your own story of raising your daughter as a reader! I’m actually going to blog about this blog post- I will send you the link when I am done!


    • Thank you kindly.
      Raising a reader is so fun, and it gets better the older they get. I love stumbling upon books I know my daughter will love.
      I just love seeing her eyes light up.

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