Review Kid Lit – I Love You Through and Through

I love you Through and Though
By: Bernadette Rossetti Shustak, Caroline Jayne Church

I bought this book on a whim.
Initially only out trying to find a smaller sippy cup for a smaller baby.
But me being me, I couldn’t resist checking out the books.

(An all too common theme with me!)

It’s been a struggle to find board books that my daughter enjoys. (and I enjoy at least for the first few reads!)

Our local bookstore chain carries so few, and what they do have neither of us care for.

Lately I’ve been finding them in our grocery superstore baby section and occasionally Babies R Us.

I’ve seen a book by the same illustrator that looked similar.
Goodnight, I Love You. But given my daughter seems to love Goodnight Moon. I thought another night book could wait.

I Love You Through and Through is incredibly sweet.
Chocolate pops to mind as I think about this book. It’s that kind of sweet without getting cheesy, gag inducing for the older reader.

Great for day time reading.
With a soft almost plushy plastic hard cover. Great for little hands who want to “read” it themselves.
Able to withstand the abuse from little fingers.

However, this isn’t a board book. While the pages are thin cardboard they would be easily ripped. It’s definitely an older child book, or supervised younger child. (There is a board book version according to Amazon)

The illustrations are absolutely adorable.
Colorful and appealing to young and old.

You can’t help but smile as you read.
( I actually laughed while reading it, it’s just that cute!)
As a parent you can see your child in each of the drawings.

I Love You, Through and Through is a quick read but not one that leaves you relieved it’s over.

It’s one of the few books, I’ve found so far that I don’t mind re-reading to the point of memorizing it.

It keeps my daughter’s attention through out, helping to encourage a love for books and reading.
It also keeps her mommy from turning into a robot during reading time
Another very important thing!

Definitely a whim buy, that ended positively.
I could not be more impressed with this book.

5 stars



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