In like a Lion Out like a lamb..

I dare say, it is the beginnings of Spring around these parts. We have moved our clocks forward. The sun is back brightly in the sky and making things almost beautiful again. I say almost because there is snow everywhere, and everyone knows that once it starts melting it is completely disgusting.

We also have massive icicles falling off the house now, so we are extra hyper aware because these things are ridiculously big.
On the plus side, most of them are coming down over the door we are not currently using.

With all that said, there is not a lot of outside time happening right now because my idiot housemate went and fell 9ft off a ladder. So I am taking care of her, on top of the house, the animals and a 3 year old. In a house that doesn’t have a functional kitchen.

For what is now the fifth month. It won’t have one any time soon because instead of getting it done she adds more and more to what she’s doing. Not having a kitchen doesn’t bother her because she isn’t home during the day during the week and when she is she rarely eats.

Eating her for her means standing inside the fridge randomly shoving food out of containers in her mouth. Yeah, it is what it sounds like.

It looks like we are nearing something kind of normal. At least where she can walk and doesn’t need me to help so much.
I’m not as exhausted as I was falling into bed once everyone else was in bed for the night.
New appreciation for health care workers and personal support workers.

My March came in like a lion but I am hoping it goes out like a lamb.
I look forward to my calm almost boring life very soon. 🙂


I haven’t been reading like I would like lately, because exhaustion and being super busy has taken over but I am really looking forward to a few books sitting on the top of my TBR pile.

What are you reading this week?


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