Monday: Upcoming Reads and A Goal Update

Good Monday! 🙂

How are everyones goals going? Mine are still going mostly good unless you count the not buying as many books goal.

I ordered two from our Canadian chain.
One being an art book, part of my move forward in my art goal.
A Christmas gift, with Christmas money I got this weekend.


Art Journal art journal art journey
The other a read with #IGGPPC.
It’s a graphic novel. Those I buy physical because I go nuts otherwise. Those and comics, I can’t stand ecopies.

In real life

In Real Life.

I also ordered another “book” on Etsy.
But it has it’s own post coming.

Digitally, I have a pre-order for May. As well as my current read.

Princesses behaving badly, and two booklets for Lent. I had tried to order them online in actual paper format but there was a weird credit card glitch so I took it as a sign and checked Kindle.
I also found one of them free through Google Books.

My planner goal is going amazing. I am still going and still loving it.
I ordered some weather stamps and stickers that will help with more planning. I love keeping track of things like weather.
Moon phases is also a neat idea. But Sadly, I don’t see that as often as I would like right now.

I was shown an AWESOME video about making your own Midori. Which I instantly loved and am now trying to work up the courage to do.
One of the things I loved about this is the use of heat n bond. To customize the inside. I think I know just the paper for this.

If it goes the way my head thinks it will, I may make more than one of these. Hopefully, my head is being realistic about how easy this looks. haha.

I have added another goal (sort of, more of a must do for myself kind of thing) to my list of things to do this year. Except this goal started this morning and just goes on from here on out.

I am trying to get back to my healthy self and back to gluten free. Feeling awful and the side effects of celiac disease issues are not helping anything right now.
So, I went and did a semi big shop of gluten free goods yesterday. I also had my version of a last supper. Dinner at what used to be my favourite restaurant.

After what occurred there, however even if I wasn’t going gluten free I would never eat there again. No matter how good their fish tacos are.

As for my other goals. Particularly, these ones. They are not going as well because I am not seeing them, so they are not in the front of my memory. I actually had to get the post to even remember those ones. So, the not seeing them problem will be changed once I finish up this post.

I am going to write them all in a list and tuck them in my planner, where I will see them every day.
What I need is some kind of system where a goal prompt each day, where I am looking at the list and being reminded to think about them.

Part One of my goals are going much better.
I even took a huge garbage bag of clothing to the second hand store this past weekend.

It is hard to believe I have a suitcase, possibly two in the garage of summer stuff, as well as a full closet still.
That doesn’t even count all the dirty laundry and yet to be put away stuff.
Gah just thinking about it I get so disgusted. Especially since I know there is so much of it that rarely if ever gets worn.

I really want to get it down to a manageable, wearable level. My goal by the end of the year is for that to finally have happened.

Right now things are too in shambles for it to be really possible.
I am hoping that going through all while packing to move and finally really pare it down,

I considered selling it all on Kijiji, while the extra funds would be great, especially with moving the added work of selling it and meeting the buyers in the city with it, just cancelled out the possibility. For me it has to just be done and over or it just never gets done.

I keep trying to remind myself of the words. “Need Little, Want Less.”

I hadn’t intended to do a Goal Update post but apparently, the universe had other plans.
I think, from here on out goal updates will be done monthly. Unless the universe has other plans.

Have you found any words or Mantra’s to help make your goals seem more achievable?


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