Review:Birth of an American Gigolo [Giveaway]

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Birth of An American Gigolo - Deek Books

Birth of An American Gigolo is by Deek Rhew. You’ve seen me tweeting about this book, and the free promo he was doing on Amazon.

I think the universe laughed when I made the goal to read outside the comfort of my genre, and then  again when I downloaded this book.

Disclaimer: This is NOT  a YA.
I am not sure, what I thought I was going to walk in to when I grabbed this, but lets just say, I was surprised haha.
(Clearly, the title did not click in when I read it!)

My favourite part of this book, will forever be the running over of the Vespa. I found myself writing this review, wishing I had a gif of someone running over a purple vespa.  It was better than therapy!
(We need books, with covers that have moving pictures! )

This book was is a very fast read. Most people could probably read it in one sitting.
I was nearly 1/2 way when I got to the “holy awkward” stage of reading this book.

If highly inappropriately timed sexual scenes make my freak out then you’re gonna want to read this after the house has gone to bed. I started this and had to come back later. (This can’t not be explained any better with out spoilers. Lets just say hello, weird family dinner)

I love Deek’s writing though. It is solid. He knows how to keep the reader entertained and make the pages fly. I was midway through the  book when I looked up to realize, I was midway through the book.

The one thing I could not figure out is Angel – when she entered the story it jarred me for a minute. I had to figure out who the heck she was. (I’m sick, so I’m working on half my brain capacity Lol)
How does she afford running out of work half way through her shift (at the grocery store) to go to the mall in order to buy some “hot” outfit to impress a guy?

If you want a book that really leaves you wondering how the plot could possibly work out with out all characters getting screwed and ending up in prison, then this is that book. I was actually completely surprised to see it ended the way it did.
I had absolutely no idea how things were going to end until they did. That is a rare thing and it is awesome.

It’s also nice to see a female character written that has a serious set of balls. 😛
I learned something new about reading out of genre with this one. Sometimes it’s nice to have a book that is a quick read, where you don’t get invested in the characters. But Deek takes it one step further, this isn’t a fluffy read.
It’s a fast read, but it is still well written and a very good read.

If you are looking for a read to completely throw you out of your genre and shake things up, this is that book.

5 Star Writing, right there.

Buy it on Amazon or enter the giveaway right here.

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2016 Update and Reading Goals

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2016 – Hard to believe, we are now well in to the new year.

I have been graced with a four year old. That fact alone is kind of blowing my mind and that was before the year started.

2016 started with a bang – literally.
My kid was throwing up all over me (and her bed) That is how my year began.
It then went through the entire house but we made it through.

It’s a scary thing when a child that small is sick.
I may have scar tissue forever but that is part of the parenting life.

I have also finally shut my doctor up and gotten my first physical done since having a baby.  (Because where the hell do I have time for that? lol)
Nothing too out there came out of my physical – a couple referrals for small things and I was finally able to get my hand looked at.

I have a cyst on the tendon of my left index finger – right at the knuckle bend. So we are watching that for growth.
I can not tell you how annoying that can be to have a cyst there. The vein is pulled over it, so it looks blue. I thought I had something lodged in my finger.
Good thing, I ignored the people in my life telling me to slice my finger open and take whatever it was out.  (Yeah… like I was going to do that. Eeek)

I have been reading despite the serious lack of posting here.
Christmas holidays, and the stress of traveling (and the extra drama) just left little time for everything else.
But we made it.
The proof is in the 6ft cardboard castle in my living room 😉

I read the first four books in the Sword Of Truth series.
Do yourself a favor, and stop at three if you read it.
The first three were great. I loved them. 4 made me hate the author and never want to purchase another of his books – ever again.
*His books, spawned the television series Legend of the Seeker – which is AMAZING.

Watch the trailer here.

I am going to need to do another re-read just to get over what book 4 did to my heart. If you seen me tweeting that book than you know my anguish.

I have also read

Living Remnants cover

Living Remnants


STARCROSSED by Marc Johnson.
Both are short stories.

(Those covers, seriously! Love them)
I haven’t read many short stories, but I can see the appeal to them. Especially in between books when you have no idea what you want to read next. Or when you are trying to avoid falling in to a book rut because the last book you read, you hated.


I actually received a gift card for the bookstore as did Kiddo during the holidays. I have yet to decide what books to spend them on. I would really like to take kiddo to the bookstore to pick out her own books unfortunately, they are way too high for her to be able to do so.

One of my reading goals this year – was more variety. I tend to get very stuck in my genres.
I also do a LOT of comfort reading. You know, curling up with a book you have read so much that you have the book memorized. (Every person who’s ever read Harry Potter, knows just what I mean!)

I am going to try to throw myself out of my comfort zone (and genre) a bit more this year.

I’d like to get in to reading some biographies – but I don’t want to read something too dry because then it drags and I end up putting the book down and can’t make myself pick it back up.
I love life stories – especially done in a a journal or letter writing way.
Like: Love & Salt
love and salt

or This Star Won’t Go Outthis star wont go outIf you know of a biography or journal/letter style book about someone interesting share it with me in the comments!
What are your reading goals this year?