Personality tests

I re-took the personality test recently. I have seen many people suddenly talking about it and got curious.
I had also been asked my type by one of my super awesome penpals. So I thought no better time than the present.


Introvert(89%)  iNtuitive(12%)  Feeling(12%)  Judging(89%)

I was surprised by how much this thing seemed to peg me.
I am definitely (VERY) introverted. I would rather be alone, or with a very small group of people. I do not do social well.
Friday night, I am often found at home with my nose in a book. Or writing.

“INFJs tend to be idealists, and because of their J preference for closure and completion, they are generally “doers” as well as dreamers.”
I think however the most interesting part of the blurb it gave me at the end was the career section.

INFJs are generally well-suited to the “inspirational” professions such as teaching (especially in higher education) and religious leadership. Psychology and counseling are other obvious choices, but overall, INFJs can be exceptionally difficult to pigeonhole by their career paths.

*ding ding ding*

Psychology was a field I gave up in school. I love it when is a hobby, when it becomes a must do, then it loses the appeal.
I also had some awful teachers, and experiences during that time of my life.
I considered teaching when I was younger.

Part of me would love to pursue Divinity School but the money issue makes that impossible.
I am also not sure I have what it takes to get through the stress of higher education.

“Inspiration” is something that I love, and I am always writing about or reading about in some form or another.
Part of  me would love to do that, as well. I just have no idea where to start, and I am not sure the net needs another blogger when it comes to Inspiration. There is already so much of it.
I ask myself how my content would be different and I come up with nothing.

Despite thinking about this on and off for months.
Which was why I decided to post about both topics when it strikes me. Instead of making it the blogs only focus.

 There are so many things that I would love to do, that it is hard to focus on one thing.
Which is why blogging about various topics fits me better than just one topic.
I love writing about things I love, whether it be in a blog, personal journal or a letter. I don’t think I could contain myself otherwise.

Have you ever taken a personality test? How accurate did you find it? Did you learn anything about yourself that helped you go forward?

Take the test here.


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