Review: The Sorcerer’s Guide to the Magical World Of Harry Potter

I have started a new read lately. An older edition of the Sorcerer’s Companion A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter.

sorcerers companion


5 broomsticks

There’s a new edition out that you can find on Amazon here. It includes the rest of the movies.
I am LOVING this book.
I was less than two chapters in when I decided I  NEEDED to have the updated version.

I am someone that loves mythology, folklore and such, this  book is irresistible.

It discusses the things the world has come to love from the world of Harry Potter, but also their place in history (of the real Muggle world)
It is such an absorbing read.
Complete with wonderful illustrations and pictures.
You can read it two ways. Either looking up entries that you are interested about or you can read it beginning to end. Which is what I am doing.

I am pretty obsessed with Harry Potter. Anyone that really know me, knows this.
I love that this book is another way to really get to enjoy a piece of the world. It is also a fun way to learn a bit more about folklore.

It is pretty informative but has definitely given me some interest in other subjects only lightly touched on in the book.
One thing I do wish this book had, was in index.
You get two pages where topics are listed in the table of contents, but I am so used to going to the index that this keeps throwing me off.
Also an index lets you list more than two options to where topics are mentioned.

This is a must for every Harry Potter fan, as well as anyone else. (Are there such things as non Harry Potter fans?!)

An extra perk at the end of this book is the online sources section. I love that. More fun for the fan who likes to dig more into the magical world of Harry Potter and folklore.  I just wish that it was a larger section.
This is one of the books I will be keeping close at hand because I am always re-reading interesting sections, looking up book recommendations from the Bibliography.

So much love for this book.

A must have for all Harry Potter fanatics and folk lore lovers alike.



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