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Bravely document your life’s journey with “Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process.” Artist Nichole Rae is your creative companion and guide as you explore your art journaling journey in three easy steps.
Begin by putting the journal in art journal: A variety of prompts and writing styles help you breathe life into your hopes, feelings and intentions.

Then put the art in art journal: Use your writing to develop a theme for your art journal. Illustrate your story by adding photos, illustrations and ephemera.
Finally, explore your creative process: Ponder color, words and symbols as you build beautifully layered collage pages.
Along this art journaling path, you’ll find the strength to listen to your heart and find your creative voice.
All you have to do is Embrace the Journey.

Journaling prompts
15 mixed-media and collage techniques
Dozens of inspirational journal pages


I want to say first, that my rating for this book, is not on the art journal pages inside this book. It is for the actual book.
I bought this book, in hopes for some new knowledge and some inspiration.
However, it is not quite what I got.

Art Journal Art Journey, is a book better suited for someone who has zero knowledge on art journaling.
Or maybe someone who likes looking at eye candy and art journal pages.

The book claims to come with 15 mixed media and collage techniques, but I beg to differ.
All the authors journal pages are very (very) similar. This isn’t to say they’re not nice pages, They just don’t show many different techniques.
They do however talk a lot about positioning, linking colour between pages/elements and using words.

One thing I did like with in the book was two mini projects that are talked about.

Making your own inspirational card deck, re-purposing a deck of cards.
This is the one thing I will take from this book and move forward with.

The last pages of the book, which are an inspirational word list, and a “resource page” of the authors favourite things may hold the occasional nugget. I may hold on to a photocopy of the list but the book itself I am going to pass on to an interested Iggle Artsy friend. In hopes that they find more in it than I did.

As someone who has read a lot about Mixed Media and watched a lot of Youtube tutorials by various artists, this book did not have a lot to offer me.

I was actually disappointed because the post that brought me to this book was actually about Handwritten Morning Affirmations.  So I think that made me expect a bit more than what this book is.

If I could go back in time, I would of stuck with following her on Instagram. I find more inspiration there than I did in her book.
While I think there are people who could use this book and maybe learn from it. I think most people who have been into art journaling (or junk journals) would be better suited for something else.

Favourite Mixed Media book? Shout it out in the comments or link me on Twitter.


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