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Disclaimer: Be prepared to read the word Awesome more times in this post than you have ever read it in  your life. Lol
Also, this box was purchased. My opinions are mine and based on what I paid for the subscription cost.

I got my very first Awesome pack this month.

I am signed up for the awesome family pack, suitable for families with kids. (For kids 15 and under)
“geared more towards fun games and activities that the whole family can do together. You will always receive a quality board game and many family activities, along with Awesome goodies and extras”

There is also a Big Kid Mode ” is geared more for adults ( or families with older children 12 plus). This Awesome Pack is more about Awesome higher quality games and activities. With the Big Kid Mode you will always receive a higher quality game, and a fun activity, along with Awesome goodies and extras.”

I would LOVE to also get this box, but unfortunately I need to pick the most useful option because I can’t afford both.

The box you receive is HUGE. I was actually caught off guard by the size of it. (in a good way!)

If you are on the fence as to whether this service is for you, then this post is for you.
If you haven’t ordered because you can’t guess what would be in the box, or if it is worth the money this post is for you.

What we got in the box:

Richard Scarry’s Busy town boardgame. (A $30 right there)

20150122_100948This game is a huge, hit in our house. Kidlet saw the box this morning and we have already played more than once.
There’s going to be a review for this game itself in the near future. But one thing to know, is the game board is 6 ft long. I am not even kidding so you need LOTS of room. lol

Minnie & Friends – Special Pen and Colouring Book
Winnie the Pooh Surprise Ball (with a  mini collectable figure inside) The hardest item to track down.
A Frozen sticker book that you collect the sticker packs for.

20150122_112010-1I have vague memories of these kids of sticker books growing up. I have actually seen the sticker packs locally. Added bonus, because it means I don’t have to resort to amazon or Ebay to get more for Kidlet.
It also got me curious as to what other options are out there because these are fun. Plus, it means you don’t need to find a place to put the stickers and they stay stuck.

As someone who has been finding Tinkerbell stickers all over my house lately I am so thrilled for this.

(Though the Amazon price for the sticker pack was $7. If they were that pricey when I was a kid I can see why they were rare. Yikes)

Make your own sock puppet art kit (12.99)
Extra points for a service that promotes creativity.  We love art here. Kidlet has been itching to do this all day.

Hello Kitty Mini Figure, stickers, Trading card (and more) set. (This link is for a pack of 7, I am not sure where to buy them individually)
Maybe they are for sale on Ebay. Amazon gave me nothing.

I saw this one and honestly, hoped Kidlet would forget she saw it, or not be interested. Neither of those two things happened.
But it turned out okay in the end because the mini figure was purple. All purple things get passed on by me. lol

The cards though are super cute.
Some of the cards have stickers on one side, to be placed on the back of the card. They also look well made and like they would stick. Apparently the universe heard my sticker problem cries lately.

Does this box get better than that?

Yes, because the wonderful people at Awesome Pack also included a birthday card for the birthday mama.

This little book is awesome. My favourite page is the AWESOME FAMILY JOURNAL OF AWESOMENESS.
You answer pre-prompted questions like The most awesome thing we did as a family this month, special awesome memory of the month, something we did for the first time this month.

I love tracking family moments so this for me, is beyond the extra mile.
It also has puzzles, games to get your kids moving, classic awesome card games (I seriously want the big bang theory cards shown) and a science experiment at the back

The little booklet is 12 pages of pure gold.

This box, is worth more than you are paying for it.
I was really on the fence when I signed up. I had previously signed up for Loot Crate and never got a box with much if anything I enjoyed so it make me extra iffy.

We own a couple board games so I was also afraid of getting ones we all ready had.

Awesome Pack has thought of that.
They send you a little questionnaire that you fill out listing games you have, rating the kinds of games you like.
You also include family members, birthdays/ages and you have the option of girl, boy or gender neutral for each person.

To me this showed that they REALLY  want you to be happy with your box.
I am so glad I signed up for this box. Kidlet loves it, almost as much as I do as a parent.

The only things I could think to add into the box, would be a possible list of retailers to pick up more of the harder to find items.
Adding a book to the box every once in awhile would be great but I can see why it may not happen.
As a person who owns hundreds of kids books on top of hundreds of YA and Adult reads I couldn’t imagine them trying to find a book for every family that they don’t already own. (That actually sounds like my edition of a nightmare lol)

Awesome pack, is a subscription service that happens monthly. For $44.99USD/CDN.
It is worth every penny. Shipping is also FREE. (And super fast.)

As a Canadian I was surprised (and pleased) to receive my shipping confirmation, and to see it shipped out of Montreal. So it was here with in days!

If you want a subscription service that focuses on family and fun this is the subscription service to get.
I was surprised and pleased by just how well the focus really is on family and fun.
There is something in here for everyone.

I can not say enough good things about Awesome Pack. They are going to be the recommendations I give for families.
I love that you can also gift an awesome pack to people through the site.
There is also the option to pause your subscription (or cancel of course)

Honestly, I would suggest if you are looking for ways to have fun as a family, to get closer as a family and reconnect, this subscription box WILL get you all of those things.

Sign up, believe me you will be glad you did.

You can sign up here.
You have 16 days left to order the February Pack.
Thank you Awesome Pack for Really being AWESOME.



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    • I unfortunately don’t! They are super awesome and helpful though. I would suggest tweeting at them @Awesome_Pack and ask them for contact info and email them. 🙂

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