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Rating: 5 stars


This book came through and caught my interest purely because it was different than anything else I had ever read.
I wanted to go a bit out of my comfort zone and see how it went.
I am so glad I took a chance.
Cycle is divided into four parts. Written in the point of view of a Tree, Wolf, Butterfly and a Whale.
Each section was beautifly written. Sparing no details, our eyes are opened to the lives of the species as they seek meaning and survival.

I adored the Tree portion of the book the most. I found myself marking down page numbers. Quotes I wanted to remember. I honestly never gave trees much thought before, they really are more interesting than we give them credit for.

This section really made the book for me. It was beautiful
I’ve decided should there be another lifetime I want to come back as a redwood tree.

The most difficult to read, being the whale section. We’re exposed to the effects of humans on the whale species. As a whale lover part of me can’t help but get emotional thinking about the damage that’s been done in their natural habitat. All for the mighty dollar by corporations who are too driven by greed to see the world around them and the beauty it holds.

Cycle is a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I found myself learning things about each subject. It was a smooth read that kept me engaged and wishing the book covered more than just four sections.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a read that puts them in touch with the world around them. As well as anyone looking for a book that will pleasantly surprise them and take them out of their genre comfort zone.
So glad I read this book, definitely one I will be revisiting often. A beautiful well written book.


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