Review: Hera Queen of the Gods

Rating: 5/5


Hera couldn’t care less what the other gods think, even when it’s about
her. And it often is. Frankly, Hera couldn’t care less about anything,
except doing her duty as queen – protecting order and defending the mortal
world against any threats. But when the Fates go missing, Hera and a
handful of other gods must borrow the bodies of mortal teens to search the
human world for the missing goddesses.

Hera finds that mortality begins to change her. It’s not just the loss of
her divine powers. She expected that. It’s deeper somehow. It’s affecting
how she thinks, how she feels, what’s important to her. And it gets much
worse after she meets Justin, who defies every prejudice she once had
about mortals. At the worst possible time, and despite all her efforts,
Hera’s black-and-white world starts to unravel.

Torn between who she’s becoming and who she needs to be in order to
fulfill her duty, Hera must survive a horde of murderous creatures sent to
exploit her new weakness. In the end, only Hera can stop a traitorous plot
conceived by a secret alliance of ancient and new enemies, a plot that
threatens to destroy not only the order Hera is sworn to protect, but all
of existence itself.

I loved this book.  

Love more than chocolate kind of love.
Sidenote: Written by a Canadian, which I can note possibly be more proud of.

I was burning through the pages and found myself looking up at the clock realizing I was up way past the bed time of a mom with a young toddler.

This is one of those books you have to fight to put down it is just that great.

The Gods that come down from the heavens borrow human bodies so they can complete their mission and find the fates.
I didn’t know what to expect getting into this book. But I was completely sucked in.

This book has non stop action, is down right hilarious at times and has characters you can not help but love.

The writing is incredible.  The author had a very clear picture in mind and he weaves his story so well you easily lose yourself.  If you’re anything like me, you might even find yourself holding your breath while reading.

I loved Hera, her struggle was intense yet not over done to the point you felt like she was over done.
I adored her interactions with everyone. Though I admit I wanted to smack Zeus around in the beginning.

Hera and Justin were my absolute favourite. My favourite couple who weren’t a couple.
I found myself really wishing for those two.

Hera, Queen of Gods kept me guessing right up until the end (and then it floored me) about who was behind the kidnapping of the fates.
I never would have guessed who was behind it.

I also absolutely never would have seen that cliffhanger coming either. Ahem.
(Book two needs to come out like YESTERDAY!)
I’m not sure I have read a book with so much action packed in that managed to make it flow and not feel like the author was trying to pack too much into the end and rushing things until now.

Reread value is definitely there a thousand times over.
I can not get enough of this book and can not wait to read it again.

Buy this book, you can thank me later.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.
Photo owned by the author.


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