Review: I Am Inspiration!: Emotional Intelligence, Key to Success

I Am Inspiration!: Emotional Intelligence, Key to Success
Arna Baartz

About the book: (Goodreads): Emotional intelligence is the key to success. Addressing a spectrum of intelligence brings about noticeably better results for children, particularly those who may have previously slipped through the gap.
I AM Inspiration supports the vision of a sustainable future by nurturing the child’s personal development through connection, motivation and self-examination. Exactly what educators need to usher in a brilliant future for all.

I loved this book right from the beginning. Written for educators but could easily also be used by parents. Home schooling and not.

I Am Inspiration! Should be a program run in every school worldwide at least once a year.

In such a busy world it is easy for children to grow up feeling under appreciated, over whelmed. Throw in situations like bullying the world can be a pretty tough place.

I Am Inspiration! goes above and beyond to attempt to improve our education system. It is set up (and written) in such a way that it also helps the educator self examine and improve themselves. Allowing a greater positive impact in their classrooms.

I believe this to be one of the biggest difference.  “You are what you teach” Something I think many of us, parents, teachers etc. forget as we get more over whelmed and over worked.

Instead of getting better, things have steadily gotten worse.

I Am Inspiration! helps the educator see themselves through fresher eyes and helps them find the joy in their own lives. Helping them spread the joy to the little people they see each day.

I Am Inspiration! helps teach an acceptance for our emotions, helping us to better deal with them. It’s only when you have a firmer grip on your own emotions can you really help a child with theirs.

[Watch a stressed out parent try to deal with a toddler tantrum and you can clearly see what I mean. ]

I love the exercises and activities suggested in I Am Inspiration! It’s perfect for those younger but also for those who may also shy away from creative activities. They don’t require a lot of skill. Just an open heart/mind.

Paired perfectly with the stories in the back of the book. Easily understood by young children allowing them to see their own lives.

A great read for parents and educators.
This book has the power to help change lives.
Read and help spread the word.

Something needs to change if we are going to do something to improve the world we live in.
This book is that first step.

Find more on the author here.

Photo owned by Arna Baatz
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review, however all opinions are my own.


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