Review: Lizzy Speare And The Cursed Tomb

Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb



…a normal twelve year old girl with a talent for writing, who has a very not normal family secret. And when Lizzy’s father vanishes, that secret will change her life in ways unimagined. (Spoiler Alert!  It turns out that Lizzy, or Elizabeth S. Speare, is the last living descendant of William Shakespeare.  Shhh!  Don’t tell anybody!)

Then Lizzy and her best friend Sammy are kidnapped, awakening in the faraway land of Manhattan. Their host is Jonathan Muse, whose job is to protect Lizzy from becoming the latest victim in a family feud going back nearly five hundred years.  Is that why is the mysterious, eye patch-wearing Dmitri Marlowe is after her? (Spoiler Alert 2—he’s the last living descendant of Christopher Marlowe, a friend and rival of Shakespeare’s.  But keep it to yourself!) Is Marlowe after Lizzy’s family fortune rumored to be kept in the tomb of that bald guy with the goatee? Does he seek artistic immortality? Or Revenge (with a capital R) for a death long, long ago?

In a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, Lizzy and Sammy are thrust into the realm of the mythical and fantastic—from satyrs and Cyclopses to Middle Eastern cab drivers and Brooklyn hipsters in what is truly “an improbable fiction” as the Bard himself once wrote.


Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb, where do I even start?
The book description had me hook, line and sinker. It was so unique that it just grabbed me. I knew it was a must read.

After a long few days and in need of a pick me up this book jumped up my to be read pile.
A good move on my part.

Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb was a great read.  Better than even I expected and I had expected it to be pretty great.

There were a few things that really stood out to me reading Lizzy Speare.
It addressed family. What is it really? Lizzy seemed to have it in her head that family was two parents.
Family was what Sammy had. Two parents and siblings. What Lizzy wanted.

As a single parent, I appreciate books geared at children that show family as more than just the standard cookie cutter idea. Mother, father, brother, sister.
Lizzy struggled with her definition of family and you slowly saw it began to change.

I also liked Lizzy’s smarts. She questioned things, like trust. She knew trust was earned not given. She was afraid yet brave. Sometimes possibly even too brave.  She also knew when she needed help and she asked for it.

There was only one small thing in Lizzy’s character I would change. When she makes a mistake she thinks “Stupid Lizzy” Something I think too many kids think as is, the last thing they need is to be seeing characters they look up to thinking that way.

Characters are well written and varied in Lizzy Speare’s new world.
Each with their own tale to tell, leaving you with things to ponder while keeping the story moving.

Time travel (Bending), Vegetable throwing (at actors), running from Medusa, magic and leaky eye balls..there’s a little of everything.

There was even a moment I found myself thinking “Wow, even J.K. Rowling never thought of that”

As much as I enjoyed Lizzy Speare it was difficult to choose  a favourite character. I found myself loving all of them.
Jonathan was a great Muse. I loved that he also had another form other than his human appearance as well as his own rich back story.

I also found myself wishing I could wander into the kitchen after a rough patch and have hot chocolate with a fairy. Just seems like it would be so much more chocolatey goodness. 😉

The ending leaves you with something of a happy ish ending and also leaves you asking questions that hopefully are answered in book 2.

Lizzy Speare really impressed me, written for a younger reader but also enjoyable for the older reader.
It’s a book with a special kind of magic too it.
I can not wait for book 2.

Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb is a well written book you won’t want to miss. My suggestion, don’t read it next to a sleeping baby.  I woke mine up laughing on more than one occasion. (Oops!)

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Find out more about the author here.
*Photo owned by  Ally Malinenko

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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