Rating: 5 stars

When this review came in I had honestly never heard of the author. Now that I have read the prequel to ATLANTIS RISING and a bit about the authors other works it is on my to do list to read everything he has published.

This prequel is a short taste of the author’s writing and all I can say is WOW.
Flawless. I just can not get over, how solid his writing is.
NEVER AGAIN ORIGINS OF GRUKARR sucked me in right away and did not let go until the last word.
I did not want the prequel to end.

I am excited to see where ATLANTIS RISING takes me. Especially reading the prequel and knowing the characters history going into it.
That is going to be something of a new experience for me, I can’t recall the last series I went into knowing that kind of background on a character.

If you are looking for a new author to fall head over heels for, T.A. BARRON is that author. From the short prequel I know he is going to be the author that takes genres to new heights for me.

I wish I knew of him years ago.
Do yourself a favour and pick up the prequel. You can download it here for free.

The series is a middle grade level read, much to my surprise. But it is one of those middle grade books that everyone will love. Even those who claim they don’t read MG books will love this.
The paperback of ATLANTIS RISING comes out on Thursday September 25th 2014.


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