the future of god


Rating 3 STARS

I have never had a book end up quite the way this one has.
I wish I could rate this book in sections.

For the first 41% of THE FUTURE OF GOD I loved the book. It was a five star read.
I was highlighting, planning on buying the book, then the rest of the book happened.

It felt like Deepak Chopra was picking apart Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion (and atheism) paragraph by paragraph by the second half.
It got to the point, my teeth were clenched in frustration.
It all became a broken record. I couldn’t enjoy the book anymore. I was forcing myself to finish it.

I could feel my eyes glazing over just thinking about picking it up again.

I honestly think the author should revisit the last half of the book and consider rewriting it.

The first section was amazing and I feel he really did a disservice to his book after that.

So with all that said I’m going to focus on the first 41%. Which is something I think everyone would benefit from reading.

I really connected with the author’s thoughts on a God, especially on God 2.0.
The world we live in is changing and it is time to accept that God and faith is too.

Faith is a personal journey, an internal one. When we open to our own inner self and that jorney I believe the author is right. We have the power to change our lives and the world.

If you’re looking for a book, that focuses on a defining your own God/spiritual life and addresses the changing God/spiritual lives in our current world, the first portion of THE FUTURE OF GOD is that book.

If you are someone who enjoys the works of Thomas Moore or someone who blends their own spiritual path, I believe you will also find something here.

I recommend THE FUTURE OF GOD because I believe the first portion is such a good read it has to be shared.
But as much as I enjoyed that section in the end the rest made it a 3 star read for me.


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