Review: Tormented (Immortals Saga)

Tormented (Immortals Saga)
by J. Ann

Rating: 5 (Huge)Stars

 First, the blurb. (Good Reads)

It’s been over 200 years since Humans drove the affected into hiding. Now out of nowhere, people are dying on both sides. When one of the few female specially trained fighters; also known as an Ultorum, is added to the body count, Angelina is forced to make a decision. Now she must betray everything she knows, including her best friend Michael, and follow the one creature she doesn’t trust.

Ethan watches this young Ultorum with leery eyes. He is deeply impressed with her abilities, and even more so with her determination. It’s just to bad she smells so good.

Together they set out to find the one responsible for all the killings, but what they find, they are not going to like.

Now, my confession – I am fan girling ALL OVER this book.
Seriously, the last 30 or so pages all I could think was, I’m almost finished the book. I don’t want this book to end.

When I got this review request I pondered whether or not this was a genre I could get into.
That and to be honest Twilight made me hate vampires, and the word twilight so I was not sure how this book would sit with me.

This book is amazing. Nothing I can say could ever do this book enough justice.
It’s got such a unique spin on the world of humans, vampires and what not. You won’t find yourself thinking “not another vampire book”.
Instead you will finish the book thinking “this is THE vampire book”

I’m an Anne Rice fan, and a Poppy Z Brite fan, but THIS, Tormented (Immortals Saga) is the vampire series  I want (need)to be reading.

The author knows how to drop a bomb, that leaves you stunned and unable to stop reading.
I found myself thinking about this book even when I wasn’t reading.
I was grabbing for this book when I had so much as 30 seconds to read.

The writing is smooth, the story flows, you easily get sucked in.
You can’t help but love the characters, even the ones you are not supposed to like. They are just so well written.

The ending was fitting, though it also completely surprised me.
I am so used to books that always  tie all loose ends in a pretty bow at the end. My first reaction at the end of this one  was to email the author to be sure I had the entire book. 🙂

The ending is the perfect ending to the first book in a series, there is some closure but also leaves questions that will gnaw at you until your fingers are finally grabbing at the first chapters of a second book.

Buy this book, you will be glad you did. Trust me.

Now, I’m going to go sit on my hands and wait for another book.
#teamEthan just sayin’ 😉

Find more about the author here.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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