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About the book:

 An 800-year-old letter found at an archaeological site in Istanbul makes the astonishing claim the cross of Jesus still exists, and has been safely hidden away in an unknown location. Colton and Mallory, two leading archaeologists  take on a hunt for the cross, but soon discover hired mercenaries are bent at stopping them at all costs. Their search eventually leads them to a small town in Israel, where they must choose between their growing love for one another and the future of the cross itself.


I got this review and read “archaeology adventure” that was all it took for my approval.
Archaeology absolutely!
The religion side of this didn’t even register right away.

I know absolutely nothing about religious history, or dates important events happened. Therefore I am in no position to judge those aspects of the story.
They may or may not be accurate.

However, this book is easily read by those with no religious background.

This book made me ask a question no other book has made me ask before.
Ever read a book and think an author dropped a bomb way too fast?
It was just weird but maybe that’s just me.

You quickly find this book is full of “interesting” characters.

Some trying to  be good, or at least not the person they used to be.
Most are some variation of scum and scummier.

With that said I found it hard to really find one character that stuck out.
They were all fairly forgettable.

Colton is trying to redeem his career and put his past behind him.
Which I can respect. He just didn’t seem to have anything going for him other than his faith.

Finding the cross was supposed to piece back his career.
Helping Mallory learn she could trust him and trust god was the only other motivation he had.

I found it hard to like a character who can’t seem to be bothered to find more worth living for.

Mallory, refusing to give her heart to anyone double crosses all who come in contact with her in some way or another.
So determined never to be hurt she doesn’t realize she has spent much of her adult life hurting herself by keeping people out.

They are about as good as they come in After The Cross at least among those who live.

This book does have it’s good points though.
It’s very well written, the descriptions of dig locations were some of my favourite parts of the book.

I also loved where they took the ending. I was surprised.
The uniqueness of it really helped me like the book more and raised the review a bit.

It’s also not preachy. One of the reasons I can recommend this book and feel good about it.

It’s a book that I’m very glad I had the chance to read. The ending made up for what I felt was lacking in the characters.

After the cross is a book great for archaeology fans, Christian fiction fans as well as those looking for a different kind of adventure book.
Buy it here.

Find more about the authors here and here.
Photo owned by the Mike Lynch.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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