Review:Time Meddlers Undercover

undercoverRating: 5 stars


Time Meddlers undercover is Book two in the Time Meddlers series.
Written by a Canadian author. Thereby helping to fulfil one of my reading goals this year. Reading more of our home grown talent.

When I saw this book was going to tackle Nazi Germany, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant. But to be fair, I am with EVERY book that handles the subject. It was such a dark time in history I worry that it is either going to be too dark and I will struggle with it, or it will glaze over the subject.

Though they may be easier to read if the subject is glazed over, that is not fair to all those who suffered/died during those terrible times.

That said, Time Meddlers is a middle grade series, so I was also curious to see how the author handled the subject.

Time Meddlers Undercover, was superbly done. The author handled the subject matter with absolute grace. Information was given in age appropriate bite sized chunks for younger readers. It was also not excessively dark but it did portray the mood and times as one would expect it to be.

We follow the characters again trying to find Matt’s father who is trapped in the past.
Things could not be more dangerous for them during this particular period. But they jump in determined to rescue Matt’s father and see that Nadine pays for what she’s done.

Except nothing is ever so cut and dry as that. Which is one of the things I really love about this series.

In Time Meddlers Undercover, we see a lot of growth happening. We see Matt and Sarah really begin to question right and wrong. We see them start to question what really happened, how Matt’s father got left in the past and why.

Matt’s father also begins to have a much bigger part in the series. He’s not just appearing for a split second in time, leaving more questions than answers.

Nadine, where do I even start. We see her go through a couple different shifts. I’m not sure I would call them changes exactly because she really seems to waver back and fourth. With the exception of one time in history, where she goes out of her way to change one thing. Which surprises everyone.
Including me.

Kudos to the author for totally surprising me.

We also begin to see a change in the relationship between the two main characters, as well as a change in Sarah’s father because of this.

This is where I had a teeny tiny gripe with this book. Sarah’s father really turned into a bit of a jerk.  It’s one thing to be an over protective father (which as a parent I get) but  I think the changes might of been drastic in this case.

I went from really liking him to disliking him in this book. Almost more than Nadine.

But it’s only a small gripe. Over all it was a really well done book. I loved it.
More so than book one, which I felt was also 5 star worthy.

Time Meddlers Undercover, is a page turner that will leave you entertained, amused and maybe even a little curious to find out more about Canada’s part in history.

I recommend this book to all MG readers, history buffs, time travel fanatics and adults a like.

Definitely a series I am proud to say is Canadian.


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