TGIF: My week in review

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I remembered to use my 90% off coupon for a Kobo book! So I paid $1.40 for a book rather than $13 ish. Happy day.

Once I reset the password and remembered the right email to go with it that is.

My new comics came. 🙂 Previews magazine also.
I think any new comic series I start from here on out will be digital.
Otherwise a two bedroom house is never going to be big enough for both of our books, comics, music and video collections on top of toys and necessary life things like clothes, furniture and what not.

20130306_134356  P loves her hat on when she’s inside. Outside, not so much.
Go figure.

chairI got her a chair from the toy and book warehouse sale today.
She loves this chair.
Now she just has to figure out getting in and out of it herself. 🙂

We also have mastered standing unaided.
She’s also moving around from thing to thing – getting ready to take the big step.

Temperatures are now in the plus side of things.
Pray it stays.



TGIF: My Week In Review

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20130212_171525She has been full of surprises this week.

She decided to show mama she can stand, because I was thinking she couldn’t because she always holds something.

She took her first steps unaided and not holding things. YAY.
Of course with that said she is practically running when she is holding on to stuff so I knew it was all going to be soon.

I received her valentine’s day dress in time for the photos on Saturday.
So thrilled because it is beautiful.
Can not believe how big she is.

2T on top with little 6-12 month legs. Tall torso like her mother.
She’s also got my fine hair, that leads to crazy hair when she sleeps.
Did I mention she hates hair brushes? Mhm. Washing it is the only way it’s ever neat.

I am having the worst luck with books lately. I have 12 books on the go because I haven’t been able to connect with them and I am struggling to finish them.

I’m trying to decide if there is a point to doing three star reviews. I am not sure I can put a positive spin on them.

I don’t bash books because it’s someones baby and that isn’t right. But at the same time, I won’t fluff a review either.

I had so many great books up to now that I never had to wonder how to write many reviews for less than awesome books.

How do you handle books that are just Meh?
To review or not review?