Review: Poems for Young Children

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Rating: 4 Stars 

I had the first shopping day with kidlet this weekend. I stumbled upon this in Toys R Us. I don’t often buy books there because books are usually not great in terms of selection.
But they had so few it was easier to get a good look at what they did have.

This one stuck out because we don’t have many poem books.

This one is huge. 512 pages including the back index.  Despite the number of pages they went with a soft cover for this edition which honestly made all the difference in my buying it. I try to buy books that my daughter will be able to carry, and a hardcover would of added even more weight to the already heavy book. It would of been too heavy for her to carry.

The book also has simple definitions for complicated words.
Making it helpful for parents, in terms of made up words (like “Triantiwontigongolope”) and great for learning readers.
If you are anything like me and not to keen on books having made up words, some of the poems in the nonsense section may make you cringe. But on a quick run through, not too many made up words have jumped out.Other than the one above which was on one of the first pages.

Contents has things organized – under pages labeled Fun & Nonsense, Enchanted lands, All Day Long and A Wonderful World.

Poems are written by a variety of different authors, as well as under anonymous.

I love the way they decorated this book. The pages are very kid friendly. Most are bright and colourful, though some are done in contrasting black and white.

the wind poemlittle fish


Over all the book has a really nice look to it.
A great read before bed time or any time during the day.

Cost wise it is a pretty great bargain too. $7.58 on Amazon. Even the $12.99 I paid locally was lower than most kids books and this book is a whole lot  bigger.

I definitely recommend this to parents and caregivers of young children. It’s a fun and silly read. Great for young kids and also for reluctant young readers.


Stacking the shelves

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This week, I had a few books come in. They could not have been more different.
But I am so excited by all of them.

finding your way home


Finding your way home. Which I am reading and absolutely loving.

the language of letting go deck

A meditation deck by Melody Beattie. She is quickly becoming a favourite author.

a year with rumi daily readings


I once saw the Whirling Dervishes, it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. If you have not read any Rumi I can not recommend it enough. His words are like magic for the soul.

bury me standing


The Journey of the Gypsies. A culture that has always fascinated me, yet I know nothing of their history.  Our history classes never mentioned them my entire education.

I stumbled upon this book on ebay for a dollar plus shipping. YES PLEASE. 🙂