Meaningful Monday

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I had one of those weekends. One I would rather not repeat for a long long time, if ever.
But it did make me realize that something is off.
I feel like I have fallen of my path and I am not where I am supposed to be.

I am not feeling like the kind of person I want to be, and that is just adding to my stress, and lord knows there is enough of that right now.

I need to find my center, so while I will still be writing, reading and of course tweeting, I will however be doing less of it.

Time to hunker down, spend some one on one time with the kidlet and myself and figure out why it feels like I have strayed.
Things that shouldn`t matter do, and they are sucking the happy out of things.
So I also need to find that spot where I am okay with things. (Nothing huge, but something I feel the need to nip in the butt now)

So to mark something of a starting point, I bought a book I have been eyeing for awhile. It is my read for this week.


buddhism for mothers of young children


A lot of little things so far, good for anyone whose a mother, Buddhist or not.

Here`s to a better week, and some peace of mind.
With any luck tomorrow won`t suck after having to wake my kidlet up at 8am to make my 9am dentist appointment.

What are you reading this week?
Any good spirituality books to pass along?


TGIF: My week in Review

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The weekend is almost here. YAY.

All in all it wasn’t a bad week, a little tense but nothing overwhelming.

Part of that is thanks to my changing mind set due to a new book.

raising your spirited childIt has really helped me start seeing things in a new light.
Not to mention understand both of us so much better.
Things are slowly getting easier, day by day.

I’m learning to read her cues better, and work with her temperament.
It should all come a little easier to me by the time she is at the stage where we will be using a lot more of this. (2 years old..where does the time go?)

I’m as “spirited” as she is, if not more so, so we are an interesting combination. Of course it also means we are very alike at times.

That can be as bad as it is good.

Throw being a single parent into the  mix and you have the average day around here.

We have actually had a pretty good thing going with food lately. I am almost scared to jinx it by writing about it lol

Dinner has been moved to five and she eats a ton. Today was a bowl of chicken casserole and then she went in the fridge for her bowl of pasta then finished it off with banana.
Hello, happy mommy.

Here’s hoping we can keep up at least two well eaten meals a day on top of snacks and one grazing meal.

Happy weekend!!