Summer fun and Surviving the heat

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Summer has been a tough one around here. I have done lots of bribing to keep kiddo hydrated. Fresh fruits, water, veggies, ice cream. Whatever it takes.

watermelonIt hasn’t gone too badly. No scary heat issues for us, no dehydration or anything like that.

We also now have a portable AC unit in the living room. Which is where I moved both of our mattresses yesterday.

living room beds

Of course, it was new and a novelty so she jumped in to her bed half hour early. Yet took two more full hours before she was finally asleep.
Nap time today, also took two full hours before she finally passed out.

Honestly, I may go insane and put her back in her room to sweat it out if this is the way it is going to keep going.
She did however sleep last night. She woke up in the middle of the night and ended up on my mattress. But the pay off of me sleeping here, she played nicely for a whole hour. Quietly. Until 8am. I only heard a few small sounds from her, which is why I even knew she was up.

I then got to drink my coffee and journal while she read books beside me on her mattress.

If the struggle to get her to sleep would quit and I got mornings like that every morning it wouldn’t be too bad.
But the fact it takes her that long to sleep I am losing almost all my time for me and that is not going to help either of us.

There needs to be some kind of middle ground.


We made faery land today. Out of old cereal boxes, paint, bits of nature and figurines. It was a quick fun activity to do outside.
Followed by a picnic. While it was cool enough to be out there.

It’s been too hot for her to see her friends, so I am trying to find ways to keep her amused and me sane in the heat.
It’s all about little moments.


She is turning in to quite the little lady and it has lead to some tension. She is picking up behavior from her little friends that I have been trying to nip in the bud.
On top of words from the neighbors that I don’t want her using.
So it has been interesting.

It takes all I got some days to not just snap.

But on the plus side,  some of it is also growing up.
She has come out with spelling words on her own, knowing the months of the year, the seasons, counting to 29.
Knowing her planets.

It’s not easy but I don’t regret it. I am so proud of her. Even when she sasses like crazy, answers with sarcasm and fights sleep for two hours.

She has been non stop talking about snow and Christmas lately. Especially when practicing her writing. She can’t wait to write Santa and tell him what toys she needs.

I am surprised by how quiet every one has been about my not putting her in Jr Kindergarten. Surprised but pleased.
I am glad I chose to give her another year of just being a kid at home and letting her learn at home at her own pace based on her own interests.

I would much rather her be outside climbing, creating, pretending and in her element than forced to be in a desk all day.

Of course the weather cooperating with that would be nice too. This heat is just too much to bear.
How do you survive the heat waves with wee ones running around. What extra things do you add to your self care to make it through the days?


TGIF: My Week In Review

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20130212_171525She has been full of surprises this week.

She decided to show mama she can stand, because I was thinking she couldn’t because she always holds something.

She took her first steps unaided and not holding things. YAY.
Of course with that said she is practically running when she is holding on to stuff so I knew it was all going to be soon.

I received her valentine’s day dress in time for the photos on Saturday.
So thrilled because it is beautiful.
Can not believe how big she is.

2T on top with little 6-12 month legs. Tall torso like her mother.
She’s also got my fine hair, that leads to crazy hair when she sleeps.
Did I mention she hates hair brushes? Mhm. Washing it is the only way it’s ever neat.

I am having the worst luck with books lately. I have 12 books on the go because I haven’t been able to connect with them and I am struggling to finish them.

I’m trying to decide if there is a point to doing three star reviews. I am not sure I can put a positive spin on them.

I don’t bash books because it’s someones baby and that isn’t right. But at the same time, I won’t fluff a review either.

I had so many great books up to now that I never had to wonder how to write many reviews for less than awesome books.

How do you handle books that are just Meh?
To review or not review?