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It’s been a long week.
The choking incident, I spoke about on Twitter.
IKEA -3 hours. $150 later. I went there for one thing. A DVD stand matching the other book cases. $50.

The rest, toys for P. lol
20 finger puppets and stuffed food items for a play kitchen.
She’s not old enough for it but I didn’t think passed oo it’s cheaper than Etsy.

Got a cute little mobile like decoration to hang from the ceiling.

I also picked out her closet organizer.
Which had to be picked up without us in the car today.

It’s not a bad price $230.
It’s completely customizable, and can grow with her.

I chose doors and drawers in the accent colours of the room.
Pics when it’s all up and installed.

I can’t wait.
To finally be able to get her clothes and things organized.
Not that it’s been cool enough for her to wear much.

Oh my does she sweat. Poor kid gets that from the other side. Hopefully she grows out of it.

Bath time has gotten better.
She nurses through most of it.
It makes bed time easier. She’s cooler and I can sleep close to her without out the sweat smell.

The ceiling fan, thermal curtain, open window or AC also help.

We had a brief storm.
Maybe an hour. Not enough.
Our lawns are dead from the heat and lack of rain.

I withdrew from the free home visitors program. The new visitor was just to horrible to deal with.

Human black cloud.
So no.

Time in this family will not be wasted on things that make us less than happy.