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Rating: 5 Stars

We are back today, to share another book by Julia Dweck. I have covered many of Julia’s other books. It is no secret that I love her work. I really think she has mastered the art of great kids books.
I am thrilled now, that it is also possible to get them in paperback on Amazon.

CROWNED is a must have in paperback for me. I know, I have said this before about Julia’s books, but CROWNED is my new favourite. It’s BEAUTIFUL.
The art, the words, right down to the dedications inside the front cover. I was in awe right from the start.

CROWNED is a great book for both boys and girls. But I have to admit, that I think this should be a go to book, for those of us looking for books to empower all the little girls in our lives.  I love books that don’t stress needing a prince to be saved and we have it all inside ourselves as long as we look for it.

Another thing I also love about Julia’s books, is the educational (and fun) bit in the back. There are always a few great activities for the reader.
This time you find a Queenly match up activity (Extra bonus for not going for the same every day Disney “queenly types” and using real people in the activities!!) as well as a seek and find and of course solutions.

You can’t go wrong with CROWNED. It is a 5 star book. Perfect for the young readers in your life.
Pick up the paperback on Amazon. There will also be a Kindle release on 10/24.

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You can also find out more about the Illustrator Beth Trott on her website or check out her Etsy store.


Review: Plant A Pocket Of Prairie

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Pocket of Prarie

Rating 5 stars

Plant a Pocket Of Prairie is a book I am head over heels for.
I am so thankful that this book has come into our lives.
I feel like the author took a thread of my thoughts and ran with it when coming up with this gem.

Plant a Pocket of Prairie is a book about attempting to save the prairies geared towards kids.

But it is also so much more than that.

Plant a Pocket Of Prairie engages the reader with beautiful illustrations and a great story.
You can’t help but love this book.

But what I loved almost as much as the beautiful poetic words and gorgeous illustrations was the fact they went above and beyond with this book. Included in the back you find a glossary, you also find a section on the animals, birds and plant life you would find in the prairie as well as a how to to plant your own pocket of prairie.

The educational component with this book is amazing. You could really use this book and start a whole unit on prairies for a young child. A great tool for homeschooling families, as well as schools and libraries everywhere.

Even very young children appreciate this book. Kidlet was all over this book the second I took it from the fedex envelope.
Not quite three and we have read this numerous times at her insistence.
Definitely a top five favourite.
LOVE this book so much.

Don’t miss this book. It is a gem.
I will be buying this book for every new baby, because it really stole my heart and ran away with it.