Thankful Thursday: Favourite Spiritual & Inspirational Books

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I have talked and blogged a fair bit about Spirituality, Inspiration and such lately. So I thought a post about some of my favourite Spiritual or Inspirational things would be appropriate.
They’re in no particular order, just the order I came up the titles again in my posts, or as they came to mind.

These are just a few of the books, that had an impact on me. Books that I always come back to. Look through my post it notes that are between the pages and re-read constantly.

love and saltLove and Salt. Review. Letters written between two friends.

Finding Your Way Home – Review.

The Language Of Letting Go 50 Card Deck – Amazon

The Four Agreements –Review– Don Miguel Ruiz
The Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz

thomas mooreThomas Moore A Religion of One’s Own. – Amazon

Dipak Basu -Mission To Teach – Review – Autobiography

this star wont go outThis Star Won’t Go Out – Amazon – Autobiography.

Sands In the Desert – Review – Poetry

I am on the hunt for new inspirational and/or spiritual books, so if you have a favourite not listed share it in the comments. 

Happy Thursday!



Sunday Shelves

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journey to the heart


how to curse in hieroglyphicsI added these to my shelves this week. I plan to read them the week I have the house to myself.
A spiritual book and a middle grade. Both non scary, so I won’t get spooked.
Since we all now, I am a bit of a wuss post baby. lol

Hopefully I can hold out that long.

What books did you add to your shelf this week?