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the baby book sears


Rating 5 stars

The baby book, was one of the first books I bought when I found out I was pregnant.
I had heard a lot about attachment parenting before hand because I read a lot of family blogs.

Most of it sounded right, so when the name William Sears came up I started digging.

I really like the way he writes. I find it calming rather than fear inducing.
Coming home with an infant is scary enough, it’s nice to have a book that makes you feel you can handle things rather than freaking you out.

This book helped keep me sane the first year. I read it while pregnant and honestly I am so glad I did.
I knew to go with my instincts, to hold my baby a lot even when people made comments.
It also helped when it came to breast feeding, because there are some ignorant people in my family.
It really helped me feel secure in doing what was right for me and my family, as a new mom it blows my mind that a book can help with that.

Sears is the kind of person every new parent should at least try to read and consider some of the new research out there.

If crying it out, time outs, and sleeping away from your baby don’t seem normal to you than I would suggest reading this book.

Heck I suggest it even if you are all on board with those things, this just might change your mind.

The baby book helps you know what milestones are coming, how to help your baby meet them, and also gives you information about possible issues if your baby isn’t meeting a particular milestone.

The last part of the book is helpful even after the first year or two with a description of illnesses and the best ways to treat them. Also telling you when to call the doctor and what you need to know to get the right diagnosis.

The baby book is an investment I am glad I made.
Of the stack of parenting and pregnancy books I had this was by far the best and most informative.
I have no idea why people still recommend What to expect, when you’re expecting when they could be recommending The baby book and being helpful by doing so.


TGIF: Christmas Edition

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We are days away from the BIG day.
Are you ready?

We managed to make it through the napping fights this week.
I knew napping would become more difficult but I wasn’t expecting this.

We’re waiting for tooth number 5 and possibly 6 to pop.

I went a little dvd nuts this month. Considering I rarely buy them I am not sure what came over me.

The Peanut holiday box set.
I wanted this for P when she’s older.
Toopy and Binoo – two of their holiday dvds – also for P when she’s older.
Gilmore Girls complete box set w/ extras, a book, episode book, special decorative case.
Harry Potter complete set.

Today I got this:

doctor who box set


Complete set with Doctors 9, 10 and 11. A comic book, art cards, extra’s, the specials, behind the sets  and 11’s sonic screw driver.

I know, right?!

I didn’t get it all at one time obviously but yeah. Wow.

There’s nothing else I really watch.
Other than big bang theory but I just don’t feel the need to buy the dvd’s.
Where as Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter and Doctor Who I watch over and over and over.

Now to sell all the scattered seasons/movies I have to make a bit back of what was spent.

On a blog related note.

There is a slight change coming to the blog in the new year.

I am now part of Kite Readers Ambassador Program.
I will be reviewing their children’s ebooks for them.

As a mother, children’s books, are a big part of my world. Encouraging children to love reading, especially my child is very near and dear to me.

I am excited to bring Kite Readers to my blog and to my readers.

I am hoping as well to be able to connect with a lot more people with in the kid lit blogosphere.
Right now, I am still more YA/adult fiction centered.

While I love adult fiction and love finding great books to share, my intention is to review adult fiction a lot more selectively come the new year.

My focus instead will be on more picture books, middle grade books, chapter books, and young adult fiction.
There will also be spots open for educational material, children’s dvd’s/cd’s, toys and what have you.

I have only so many hours a night to read. So I need to choose what’s most important.

I am going to take some time over the holidays and think about my blogging and which direction I want to take things and decide how I can change things. Hopefully also get some more traffic coming in and leaving comments.

Hopefully, you will all continue to check in and find out what we’re reading.
Feel free to throw some ideas at me. I am always up for feedback.