Monday: What are you reading? (Holiday Edition)

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It’s Victoria Day weekend here, and I chose to enjoy the last of it in a tiny town with maybe 1500 people. Maybe. Tractor town, literally.

Now as long as their are no nursing comments, or judgements about things people think they have a right to comment on this time around I won’t regret my decision.

I’m trying to hope for the best but in this house it wouldn’t be the first time something is said.
My going is purely because it’s the middle of nowhere and that is a nice idea every once in awhile.

A nicer idea if I could go and not have to deal with anyone, just us, and a cabin but I will take what I can get until that happens.

At least the weather is playing nice this weekend.

going vintage

Ever since I finished Going Vintage, I have wanted to pick it right back up and read it.
So I think that is what I am going to do. This time, taking the notes I wanted to take but got so absorbed in the book that I didn’t.

20130517_173157I am hoping to also get to catch up on all the new Canadian books being released. 194 new books, all Canadian.

With any luck, I will be out back reading this watching kidlet run around the yard, if I can keep the dog from causing her to freak out. (how did I forget the dog drama until just that second? Sigh)

last child in the woods cover

I also plan to try to get finished with my formerly known as lost book.
This one has taken forever to get through but there is so much to love, and so much highlighting.
Some nights, kidlet sleeps so light that even a little light beside me to see the pages isn’t a wise idea or worse yet impossible to hold because she has finally fallen asleep across my chest.
Holding a book is not going to happen no matter how much I really want to read this one.

She tends to sleep better when we are in nowhereland. So crossing my fingers.

Anyone reading anything special to mark Victoria Day weekend??

Happy Holiday Monday!



Monday: What are you reading?

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I am playing catch up this week. Getting through the books I had for last week but just never got there.

upper canada rebellion


This one is a tough read. Not because it’s boring, but because it really exposes some less then proud moments in history.
Bite size reading this one, taking breaks and reading something a little lighter.

Now that I have finally found it I can get around to finishing it.
It got tucked in a bag when I was cleaning out the stroller to put it in the car.
Now that the bag has been found, the book can be read.
It was driving me bonkers.

last child in the woods cover


Wee one is in the midst of her growth spurt, and is very hands on so I’m not  setting myself up for more than that at this point. I barely got through 2 last week.

I have a re-read craving though so we will see how it goes.

hera Queen of the godsOh how I LOVED this book. (My review)