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Life recovery journal


5 star

I bought this book a few weeks ago.
I was a bit surprised when I got this book. I don’t really know what I thought I was getting.
But I love this book, now that I have begun to work through it.

It is a spiritual journal/workbook. It focuses on a Christian faith but I believe this book could be used by anyone regardless of faith. You just change the word God to your title of choice.  It does quote the bible a couple of times but I have actually found it to fit well with the book. I have also found some of them to useful and thoughtful.

The Life Recovery Journal is structured like a 12 step program. Making it suitable for a 12 step user, but also anyone else.
Addictions are not always drugs/alcohol. It could also be technology, work etc.

The questions really make you look at every part of your life and try to help encourage you to become a better person with a better life.

I have worked through the first four steps. I am impressed by the thoughts that have come through working through this section. It has also made other questions of my own come up which I have added into the section the question arises.

The workbook does reference The Life Recovery Bible regularly. You can get through this book with out it. They do quote bits of it. However, unless the series happens to match up to your faith, this book might be make it a bit (specific) faith heavy.
(It’s why I haven’t felt the need to purchase it)

If you are someone looking for a new book to help you move forward on your spiritual journal, this is a book I would recommend.
There are two ways to work through it. Seasonal or monthly. One is a bit more work because you have to follow up each section in the index to find your next section. I don’t think it alters the end result of the book whichever way you chose to complete the book.

Life Recovery Journal is also written to be able to be worked through more at different times in your life.
Making it a great investment. Lots of bang for your buck.

I’m glad I bought this one and started working through it pretty quickly after buying it. (Thank you, monthly spiritual/self help/creativity read goal)

Life Recovery Bible is definitely a 5 star book. A great edition to add for Spiritual Journaling/Improvement enthusiasts.