Wishful Wednesday Book Recommendations

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It’s been something of a calm week here. Roommate gone for the week has things a lot more relaxed around here.

Relaxed and fun.

I made us apple pancakes this morning.
Core and then peel an apple, cut in circle slices and then dip in pancake mix and then pop it in the pan.

Also did up a banana the same way. Breakfast is tricky with kidlet she gets bored easily and needs things shaken up.

We finally have some green sprouting in kidlet’s flower pot. One of them at least.

I am taking a reading for pleasure this week. Re-reading the Harry Potter series.

Our long weekend was pretty quiet (fireworks aside) I decided to keep that theme this week and give us both something of a break.

I’m looking for a new series to shake things up and bring some new excitement to my world.
Any suggestions?



TGIFand wifi issues

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Hi folks.

Sorry for the weird on and off posting. Things have been crazy weird with my wifi and for the life of me, we just can not seem to figure out what the issue is. My netbook connects to wifi in every room except the room I always work in.
It’s a new issue, one that we can’t seem to figure out. Some odd days it works, the rest nothing.

The days, it works in there, are the days that my phone doesn’t (on wifi)

I’ve checked and everything is updated and yet I am still ready to throw the netbook against the nearest wall.

I think it’s about time to replace it. My USB ports and SD slot are all dead. It’s not that old. Just a year or two max.

If you have any ideas, other than replacing it, please throw them at me in the comments.

Right now, I am trying to figure out a different way to post. My phone is not easy enough when you are including media, and tags. Getting kidlet to give me time to post with out her interfering is next to impossible because she is so very high needs.

(unless she’s watching television, which is now and my least favourite thing for her to be doing.)
Sometimes, it is hard not to be envious of parents with kids who are “normal” I would love a five minute break where she just plays on the floor with out needing me right there.
Or even just not being a solo parent for one day.

I love my kid don’t misunderstand but my days are by no means easy. Ever.

High needs and spirited.
One breath at a time.

We had work men in this week to mark for our gas installation, and double check our sewer because they thought it was blocked. Nothing major as it turned out. Thank goodness.

Kidlet and I are home alone for the long weekend. While I am looking forward to it, I am also dreading it.
I get things all scheduled and she gets so much calmer, once we have settled the housemate is back and it all gets thrown out of balance.

It was actually a bit better this week, I altered our schedule just a bit as well as our routine. Then we feel into 3 days of rain and thunder showers.

She does not like being cooped up.
Which is what lead to her running away from me yesterday in the rain. She couldn’t understand why the neighbours could be out there in the rain and she wasn’t allowed.

Unfortunately, taking her out under the awning turned out to be the worst idea ever.

Here’s hoping this long weekend is just what we need. Some relaxing, reconnecting and just enjoying our time and each other.

Have a super weekend everyone.