Review: The Undeparted

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The undepartedRating: 3 stars

The Undeparted.

What I Liked:


The Vampire history element. How they came to be.
I loved that whole talk between Cassandra and Quentin.
I would have loved more of this. It was by far the most fascinating bits.

The light in the dark scene also very cool.
Minus a whiny Cassandra who should have fallen off the cliff.

The ending.
Out of left field. Didn’t see it coming. Loved it.

What I didn’t love:

Everything else.

The Undeparted, definitely a tough review to write.
It’s well written, with a solid plot.
I just didn’t love it.
3 stars because of my love of Quentin, and all my favourite scenes.

It’s not to say it was a bad book, it definitely wasn’t but  when it comes to vampires it takes a lot to wow me.

I had such a hatred on for the characters it made it a tough read.
Quentin was enough to make me keep reading. I wanted to learn more about him.

A book with the power to make you hate almost every character in it.

I wish I was joking.

Not to say they’re poorly written. Quite the opposite actually.
I never knew if I should keep reading or throw the tablet out of frustration over a character.
To be able to write your characters that well, is a talent.

We have Christian the woman hater, who thinks that the back of his hand is the way to a woman’s heart.

Mike, the man who is not what he seems. He appears to be prince charming, but there was just something about him. I loathed him. He annoyed me. Made my skin crawl.

Cassandra. I honestly hated her the most. I wanted to shake her and make her see through Mike LONG before she finally did. She was whiny, lacked a backbone, a brain and reminded me of the chick from Twilight minus the clutzy factor. Right down to the whole blood drinking thing.
I kept thinking Can someone really be this stupid? Cassandra was.

Lucy doesn’t carry enough weight in the book for me to form a real opinion.
She doesn’t show a lot of support when her best friend thinks that she is being stalked by a vampire or is losing her mind.

Quentin was by far my favourite character. He is actually the only character I actually liked. There was a level of mystery to him that made me want the book to focus more on him and cut out everything else.
He was a no BS kind of guy who seemed to tell it like it was, to hell with everything else.
However his actions at the end of the book made my head want to explode.


Why keep someone dangerous to a person you claim to love alive?
Why not off them and be done with it?

Also, did he not know a bullet would go right through him?!?!

And the vampires biting each other drinking their blood? I don’t get that part period.

***/End Spoiler***

 I would love a prequel that focus on Quentin and how he came to be who he is and how he got to be where he is.
There’s just something about him that I loved. Something that felt new, like it hadn’t been written before.

If you like vampire romance this is probably a book you will love. I tend to be a bit different in tastes when it comes to vampire books.
I’d recommend it despite my rating because I know I tend to be harder to please post twilight trauma when it comes to vampires.


Guest Post Promo: Deborah Palumbo

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I am off throwing a first birthday party today!
Joining us to guest post is Deborah Palumbo! Check out her drool worthy covers, they’re gorgeous!


Hello everyone, it is very nice to meet you all. I’m Deborah Palumbo, author of The Undeparted, a vampire series. There are currently 3 books in the series, but I am the author of 9 books in total. I’m self pubbed exclusively on Amazon. Why exclusively Amazon? Well, that means that my ebooks are absolutely FREE to Amazon prime members 365 days a year, morning, noon and night, seven days a week, and only $2.99 for everyone else; paperback is available for $7.95.

In addition to writing paranormal novels, I also write historical romance (sweet and spicy), and mystery/crime, you know who dunnit with frustrated detectives hot on the trail of some wretched killer.

I also wrote a screenplay with actor/writer Jordan Rhodes. I had a blast with Jordan, enjoyed the screenwriting experience immensely, but my first love is writing novels; In fact, I wanted to write novels since I was a little girl. I actually started out at age 7 through 18 writing poetry for God! It wasn’t until a debilitating illness and long period of confinement until my dream of novel writing came to be.

Talk about fate!

TODAY, 11/17 and 11/18, THE UNDEPARTED is FREE ON AMAZON, so please download the book and get caught up on the series and on the characters: the father of all vampires, the handsome and charming Quentin, the beautiful once mortal Cassandra, Quentin’s mean spirited sidekick Christian, and the evil and lustful Lucius.


The Banished one is a continuation from the previous 2 books. There’s an evil, lustful killer vampire on the loose in a small town and Lieutenant Welby who is a staunch disbeliever in vampires is finally convinced that he’s got a serial killer vampire on the loose. He follows old town rumors right to the handsome and sexy Quentin, the father of all vampires, and his gothic castle to enlist Quentin’s aid. Welby knows he needs an immortal to defeat an immortal.

You think Quentin will help??

The Banished One has flash back scenes to Quentin and Christian’s evil past in the 1200’s by way of a journal Welby reads; it’s a pretty cool way of letting people know about what the characters were like in the past.


Here’s a brief excerpt from the novel:

Suddenly a chemical shot through Lucius while he was watching that sexy female, similar to a feeling when he was mortal and checking out a hot babe. But this desire in his vampire state was more intense, almost electrified and mingled with this lustful craving for blood. He had to drink from her neck; taste her life’s essence, and he had to get laid. There was no fighting it, no self-control. He was accustomed to indulging every desire, no matter if they were spontaneous eruptions from some surging chemical, or a well-planned rendezvous.

Check out deborah’s blog here and her website.

Don’t forget TODAY, 11/17 and 11/18, THE UNDEPARTED is FREE on Amazon. So head on over and download your copy.

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