TGIF: My week in review

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Whew.. if you had a week anything like I did then you deserve a pat on the back for making it.

Today, was better. Things seem to be calming down a bit. YAY.

My computer is back, my child is sleeping better, the car is fixed..hazaaha

I’m also back to my shopping habit. Where did it come from? Pre baby I was never this bad.
Most of it however, is not for me, so I guess that’s something.


I read FANGIRL and RAISING MY RAINBOW this week.
Both should be mandatory reading, for completely different reasons.

I am in such a weird book rut, I just can not seem to shake.
I don’t know what I want to read. Nothing jumps out at me or really seems all that appealing.
I’ve gone back to non fiction trying to shake loose the rut.
I loved reading Raising my rainbow, don’t get me wrong but the rut still holds tight.
I am right back to questioning what now?!

Damn, FANGIRL has really thrown me off kilter.

Ever go through anything like this, how did you shake it?



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Rating: 5 stars

I found out about FANGIRL when the author mentioned it on twitter. Once I heard what it was about I knew it was a book I had to read.
I survived months of waiting and hearing people with ARC’s going crazy over it.
It was on my kindle waiting for me the morning of release day.

One piece of advice, if you have kids, don’t start this if you don’t have time to read. Wait for naptime or something.
I just wanted to peak, and so I did. I thought, just a paragraph.
PFFFT. I was hooked line and sinker the first paragraph.

FANGIRL was amazing.

I was surprised at just how well the author wrote about fandoms and the level of dedication one can have to their fandom. Rainbow absolutely nailed it.

The characters were so absolutely believable, and wow could I relate. Almost too well.
I almost felt like the author had spent way too much time in my head, a feat given she doesn’t know I exist.

I didn’t expect this book to make me think as much as it did. I have been through a lot of the same things as the twins. Except the whole twin thing. (thank goodness) I really found myself thinking about my reactions to those situations and wondering why I felt the way I did.

Oddly enough I think reading FANGIRL really helped me move passed and let go of some things and appreciate the growing I did.

I also didn’t expect the Gilmore Girls reference. (Have I mentioned I love the author?)
I may have lit up like a Christmas tree seeing that.

I loved the Characters. My favourite were Levi and Cath, however I definitely related to Wren in my past.
Levi really reminded me of Luke Danes. Just you know, younger, happier.

FANGIRL is a book that makes me want to sleep with my kindle under my pillow and just keep reading it.

Some people may be put off by the idea of fanfic and think about skipping this book because of the fanfic. I beg you not to.
The fanfic bits are not overly long through out, and honestly, this is a book you don’t want to miss. It may even change your mind about the whole fanfic thing as there is a discussion in the book about fanfic from a writers perspective.
(It was amazing, kudos to Rainbow, honestly, it’s like she gets the whole idea of fanfic and for that I love her.)

With that said you probably could also get away with skimming or skipping the fanfic bits.
I wasn’t particularly moved by the whole Snow saga. I knew enough that I wasn’t lost reading the book but I wasn’t moved to care about it either.

I was more interested in everything else. I really fell in love with this book, the story was great and kept pace really well. I loved my front row seat into their lives.
I devoured this book in a day, such an excellent read.

FANGIRL definitely lives up to the hype.

Re-read value is definitely there.
I just wish there was more, the ending felt a bit abrupt.
I was just so absorbed in the book and suddenly there was no more to read.
Sad Fangirl me.

I would love more Levi and Cath stories and to see how things ended up for everyone else.
There was so much to love about fangirl that it is just too sad to think about it just being one book.

Buy it, and send me your Fangirl fanfic links, Especially Levi and Cath stories. 😉