TGIF: Finding the Magic in Blogging Week

It has been a pretty ..interesting? strange week around here.

But we made it through.

I survived having the house to ourselves. Which as you  know, is fine when it’s daylight.
I also did a lot more blogging this week which I love.

I had an awesome Iggle friend write a post that is everything I have been thinking about lately. Why I no longer call myself a book blogger. Instead I am a blogger. I don’t want a niche, I just want to be me and do what I love.  I love more than just books. I don’t want to blog about one specific thing. Instead I blog about everything.

3 year old eating snowWe also had some snow, so Kidlet had to go out and walk around eating snow for an hour or so every day.

Eventually, she would play in it a little bit and throw snow balls, but her favourite thing is eating it. Plain.
She’s very anti anything with toppings or even sweet so maple syrup would never fly. Though I think that is also sticky, chewy and she can’t have that with a crown in her mouth.

We also had SO MUCH rain. I spent half hour outside two different days getting soaked because I had to get her outside or neither of us would make it through the day.
Cabin fever is a big problem for us right now. We are used to getting outside every day.
This is before any of the real winter is happening other than that brief spell in November so I am really scared about how the rest of the winter is going to go.

Especially, since I try to really limit the amount of television she sees.

I am going to really need to find some great activities. Though some of her Christmas presents should really help. Especially the race car track.

gelly plate

I have also fallen in love with the idea of art with gelli plates. There is a Youtube video here. After watching this, my birthday present to myself is going to be a gelli plate.
I don’t draw so I am always looking for elements and I just love this.

My non so apologetic apologies if you find yourself as nuts about them as I suddenly am LOL

I also blogged a bit about my favourite spiritual and inspiration books here.
I did a fun Wishlist Wednesday post, a post about prayer and of course the insanity that goes with my attempting to make a home made planner.

It’s been a fun blogging week for me because I took the stress out of the blogging. I decided that I was going to go back to blogging about what I was enjoying.

It’s not to say I won’t be talking reviews because I will be. But I am going to schedule a lot less of them on specific days.

I have authors I love working with, and I will continue to work with them and love it. But as for new books and authors. I will accept the reviews with no set review dates.  I find posts get done faster and with more love when I don’t *have* to get them done.

When I let the fun come back, than I start posting more.
I am not so exhausted from the stress and I have more time, even when I have less of it because I am more focused and wanting to do something.

I guess you could say this week has reminded me of when I first started blogging years ago. I needed to be reminded so I could bring back the magic.

Do what you do because you love it. Don’t let it become work.
Stop, take a break and find the peace that it brings you.

Have a super weekend.



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